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Reviews Comments: Akira Toriyama would be proud. Dragon Ball Multiverse whole series review by Torquey

When I heard about Dragon Ball Multiverse, I initially brushed it off as some amatuer attempt at a Dragon Ball continuation. When I actually did an Archive Binge, however, I found myself quite surprised. It's actually pretty good.

The plot is simple: a group of aliens find a way to go to multiple universes and use it to create a tournament featuring the best of the best. Some universes are plain (Villain X kills everyone and rules the Earth seems to be a popular varient), others are interesting (like one where there are no Sayjins or Namekins), and others that I never even got (Is U1 supposed to be one universe's Kais or the Kais ruling over the multiverse? What are the Amazon fighters from?). The main Dragonball cast is still here, but the plot mostly focuses on U16, the universe where Vegeta and Goku never unfused and took up Pan and Bra as his apprentices. While this is okay for the most part, it gets confusing when you can't tell whether the U16 or U18 cast is speaking. At some points, I lost track of which universe each character was from; there should really be a cheat sheet or something that tells us what makes this universe different from the others, as well as listing the fighters in them. But that's just my opinion.

Action, as expected from a Dragon Ball story, is... well, actiony. Humor is hit-and-miss; while some jokes are good (Mary Sue vs. Arale, for instance), others fall flat (the "monster under the bed" running gag gets old quickly). The writers often use the Japanese romanizations of the cast's names, so anybody who prefers "Kakarot" and "Bardock" over "Kakarotto" and "Baddack" will be quite dissapointed. Art varies between the "pretty faithful to the original designs" main comic to the "Tim Buckley and Rob Liefeld collaboration" omake comics. Needless to say, I was left hanging when I finished my archive binge - while a regular manga might have 15-20 pages per week, this webcomic gives us three per week. I'd complain about this more, but it's a Dragon Ball webcomic. It's annoying, but par for the course.

In conclusion, Dragon Ball Multiverse is a good comic - it's undoubtedly about the fighting, and that's what realy counts in any Dragon Ball Z adaption. It drags on a bit and some parts aren't that good, but it's overall an excellent read.


  • marcellX
  • 15th Aug 11
I think they don't number them to have in-universe mix-ups (like Gohan mistaking his Videl, and the Gotenks vs Gotenks fight) but it would be nice if they somehow tell the reader (number in the panel or something) to difference the most similar Universes (mainly 16 and 18). One thing that I didn't like was the whole Broly's movies recaps that were only slightly different from the original I think we could had gone without them, or someone talking saying something out of character (but that happened rarely).
  • Torquey
  • 13th Sep 11
Who talked out of character before?
  • Filby
  • 18th Aug 12
"Is U1 supposed to be one universe's Kais or the Kais ruling over the multiverse?"

This at least was answered: U1 is just one universe where the Kais defeated Bibidi ages ago and stopped any other major threats (like Frieza or Broly) from even coming into existence. U1 is also the home of the bird-aliens organizing the tournament, because the peace allowed them to create dimensional travel, hence why they designated it "1".

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