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Reviews Comments: Seriously Flawed, But Entertaining Freezing whole series review by En X Shrooms

To make things seem a little less sour, I'll start with the bad and end with the good.

The Bad: The setting itself and the plot, while fun, require you to turn off your brain for a while. As has been mentioned elsewhere, Genetics as a military institution is laughable. Sure, one could look at it as part of a borderline-Crapsack World in which the rich control things to their liking, damn everything else (Satellizer, for example, gains stigma/stigmata through her family's wealth), but treating humanity's last hope like an expensive boarding school serves little realistic purpose, other than setting up a typical boarding school for people with magical abilities plot. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the somewhat irritating point that some characters have of making the point that THIS IS A MILITARY SCHOOL. Unlike others, I did not find the bullying particularly unrealistic, given that the world has some serious flaws. The fight scenes are decent, but unfortunately follow a pattern that makes them pretty dull: Satellizer gets beat up, then pulls some new level of power out of her rear and beats her previously unbeatable opponent. Or, Satellizer gets beat up, Kazuya gets mad and uses freezing, then Satellizer pulls more power out of her rear and wins. This fight dynamic is fairly weak. Against the Novas, the Pandoras seem relatively weak (which would be fine), but for some reason never seem to use Pandora Mode (did the authors forget about it?). Also, the Novas themselves leave much to be explained (such as why not attack in larger numbers) but given that the series is still young, I will let this slide. Most characters are flat and, while somewhat interesting, aren't particularly notable. Lana is one (extremely annoying) example. The less that is said about Louis and his whole arc, beyond Satellizer's wonderful character development, the better.

The Good: The art is well-done. There are a good number of fleshed-out characters (Satellizer, Kazuya- if just a bit, Ingrid and Cassie are good examples). Personally, I did not find them to be compelling, but I do recognize the strengths of their characterization.

Overall, I'd like to point out that this is a fun read. I did not find it that good, but I read all 50-some chapters available on Manga Fox, and was entertained. If you want a quick read with some potential, this is it.


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