Reviews Comments: it's funny but I hate almost all the characters.

it's funny but I hate almost all the characters.
Its about a secret agency company called ISIS. They have a lot of messed up people working there, which is why they are always getting outclassed by a rival secret spy agency called ODIN. The main character (Archer, yea his name's in the show title) is a real douche (funny word !!) with some real bad mom and dad issues. Then there's his ex-girlfriend, Lana Kane. I fucking hate that bitch. It's mostly stems from her uppity attitude because she's considered the most attractive female working at ISIS. Also, I don't like how she treats my favorite character Cyril. I mean, She treats the guy like someone she only keeps around as a romantic safety measure but actually acts like she's the victim when he cheats on her (typical bitch behavior). The other characters, eh I don't like them enough to even write anything about them. Just know they're either assholes, bitches, annoying as hell, fucked in the head, or I just don't like them / care about them


wow. You've explained nothing about the show.
comment #9098 stickyricegirl 5th Aug 11
This review rates a .5/10 on the usefulness scale.
comment #9113 Zaptech 6th Aug 11
@stickyricegirl: What the duck kinda name is that ? Anyway. Deal with it. @ zaptech : :P , as if I give a fuck.
comment #9129 manblack 6th Aug 11
I think that you're missing the point of the series. You're not supposed to like the characters. They are douchebags. That's the point. They are unsympathetic morons whose problems are almost entirely caused by their own ineptness.

ISIS is a government agency. Get it?
comment #9153 Philbert 7th Aug 11
Naw, I'm not. I'm just stating my opinion. Anyway, just because a shows designs a character to be hated/liked, it won't stop them from being liked/ hated.
comment #9178 manblack 9th Aug 11
Krieger is awesome, the rest just emphasize that.
comment #10306 crazyblue 27th Sep 11
This review reminds me of the difference between the average Tvtropes user and the rest of the internet. Most tropers can actually write.
comment #10323 eveil 28th Sep 11 (edited by: eveil)
If you don't care about what others have to say then why make a review at all, no one forced you to.
comment #10325 marcellX 28th Sep 11
^Probably because most people don't care what others have to say; they just want others to listen to them.
comment #10326 eveil 28th Sep 11
I was bored
comment #10650 manblack 8th Oct 11
This review is poor and hateful and doesn't reveal anything of the series.
comment #11766 qtjinla15 5th Dec 11
I'm not saying you're wrong for not liking the characters, but I can't help but feel that you've rather missed the point. There's a long tradition of comedies featuring unlikable people doing awful things. We even have pages called Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist and Comedic Sociopathy. Totally possible that you still don't find this particular show or these particular characters to your liking, though; comedy is very subjective and personal.
comment #15439 Shrikesnest 18th Jul 12
i really hope this is a troll.
comment #18876 shannanananananana 13th Apr 13
^^^ and if its not ?
comment #23444 manblack 11th Mar 14

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