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Reviews Comments: The Ideal Shooter Team Fortress 2 game review by The Potato Shaped Spy

Thanks to TF 2 being free on Steam now (thanks Gaben), I finally got a chance to sink my teeth into the rapidly-spreading behemoth of a game known as Team Fortress 2. Once I got a deep bite into the surface, I tasted nothing but bliss and euphoria. It was everything I had ever heard about it and more. It was perfect.

The main reason I like TF 2 as a shooter so much is because it feels balanced. Each of the 9 classes have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, and no class has a dominate advantage over the other. For example, sure you could go heavy and whip out your minigun and mow through a crowd of three players at once, but what happens when you run into a Sniper in a hidden balcony? Or a Pyro who managed to slip through your line of fire and has gotten behind you? Or a Spy who cloaked his way past you and is ready with a backstab?

Another huge reason why I love TF 2 so much is because how much teamwork you actually need. You and your team need to cooperate and get along if you want to have any chance of getting through the match alive. Pyros, be a pal and spycheck around friendly Engineer sentries. Scout, do us all a favor and slip past the enemy defenses while we distract them and take the intelligence. Heavy, we already have two Heavies on our team, be a dear and go Medic for us. Teamwork is something that most shooters fail to get right, but TF 2 is certainly capable of boasting teamwork.

The only negative aspect I can think of for TF 2 is the community. Sometimes they can be a little whiny and ungrateful about updates (like with the aforementioned update of TF 2 being free). It's not too bad though, and the occasional annoying prick in the relatively nice community can easily be ignored.

In conclusion: if you haven't checked it out, you should. It's a wonderful little experience that can be enjoyed by almost everybody and played over and over again to get different experiences each time.


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