Reviews Comments: I'm going to have to go right ahead and call this the best movie ever.

I'm going to have to go right ahead and call this the best movie ever.
It's really the sets that make it. They look like how you'd see a medieval German October if you were on every hallucinagen known to man. Veidt is amazing, as always (killing people while wearing a sweater. How cool is that?), but the real highlight is Werner Krauss, who looks like a malignant owl, especially when he puts his glasses back on at the very end. I'm going to have to go right ahead and call this the best movie ever.


I agree that Dr Caligari was a great influence on the whole German expressionism thing and therefore is the most important movie ever if you are, say, Tim Burton, but calling it "The best movie ever" probably comes down to YMMV. The twist seemes tacked on and clieched, however this could be just another case of Seinfeld Is Unfunny.

What I'm trying to say is yeah the movies good, I disagree that it's the best but hey it has alot of important stuff going on and I agree you should see it.
comment #1084 wellinever 2nd Oct 09 (edited by: wellinever)
I agree that we all have our own "best". Some of us say Citizen Kane, Casablanca, or The Godfather (which I agree are right up there). Some of us are stupid and say it's Star Wars. Some of us are nuts about Battleship Potemkin or To Kill A Mockingbird. I'd say it's Caligari, but, of course, that's just my opinion, man.
comment #1101 TheManWithoutABody 7th Oct 09
Woman, and yeah, probably shouldn't have gone "No. You have the wrong personal favorite." It didn't come out the way I intended.
comment #1104 wellinever 7th Oct 09
Maybe not the best, but at least some appreciated the classics.
comment #6290 6th Feb 11
You must not have watched many good movies.
comment #6292 6th Feb 11
It's a bit off to say that a dated movie is "clieched" since this is the origin of said clieche. Rather, for modern audiences (such as myself), the whole movie can drag on quite a bit because this is from a time period where 'scary' did not rely exclusively on gore and shock value of the 'pop out!' variety. Rather, the movie really exists for its imagery, and the plot was as trite as one can expect a movie to be with more modern movies being digitally enhanced and Made Of Explodium. Midway through the movie I found myself dutifully studying my ceiling because I just wasn't immersed enough by my own interest to find the pacing to cause "edge of your seat" apprehension. However by the end of it I managed to become thrilled by belatedly noticing how much this movie must have inspired Tim Schaefer in Psychonauts.
comment #12747 spoofehness 9th Feb 12

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