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Teen Cliche Storm? No thanks.
Past teen movies of this sort have held at least a little charm to me- Aquamarine, She's The Man, the likes. But this movie just doesn't to it for me. The characters are cliched and the heroine herself is almost as unlikeable as the Libby to end all Libbies in this. The acting talent are people who belong in at least a little better of movies(Alexa Vega of Spy Kids and Steve Carell, to name some bigger actors) or they're straight out of Barbizon modeling school.

Now, I realize this is just a fluffy feel-good tweener chick flick. But if they were going for something more family-friendly, wouldn't they have made a better message for it? Oh, sure: Sneak out of your house all night, put yourself in danger on 18 and over dating sites, and sneaking into over-21 clubs will get you your mother's love and the guy of your dreams. Uh... Family Unfriendly Aesop there.

Sleepover is a Cliche Storm of teen stereotypes that makes other movies in its class seem much better.
I can't believe my sister rented this crap.
comment #2434 Schitzo 4th May 10
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