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Reviews Comments: What The Series Has Become: A Franchise Zombie that Won't Die Warrior Cats film/book review by terlwyth

I was re-reading the original fourth book at chruch when someone my age laughed at me for reading "a kids book" and that got me thinking about the latest book in the series I read before taking a break to read the originals again [At the time it was T Pot 5] and I realized that unfortunately I had to admit they were kids books,but that while Rising Storm was good,they no longer were

The first series I'd give an A- because originally the plot was good,and curiously enough Harry Potter like,except trade Harry for Rusty,Harry discovering he's a wizard to Rusty pretty much not discovering and accepting but jumping straight into being a warrior. However everyone who has more than page of dialogue per book is nicely rounded out,the forest is well described as is the mythos,and the subplots all merge into one great plot.Too bad for the Chronic Hero Syndrome,predictability,and tedious subplot of Bluestars' BSOD

Then comes my personal Base Breaker, The New Prophecy which is the way it is becuase the plot,atmosphere all seem to change midway.I'd give the first half {Midnight to Dawn} an A+ for brilliant use of Continuity Lockout,successfully being Darker And Edgier,improved prose,and expanding the mythos,along with adding some themes of tolerance [courtesy of the Tribe]. The characters are even more 3D too.And had the series stopped here many jarring moments would still be meaningful [the death of Feathertail and Crowpaw's reaction].

The second half I'd give a B- becuase this is the point where Star Clan starts to take over too much,characters start becoming too amoral,but it still had it's moments and it was good Lighter And Softer break with the discovery of new camps,the death of Tallstar,and resolving the Hawkfrost subplot which was frozen for a while. Too bad this part focused too much on the Crow/Pool relationship and left a Sequel Hook.Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw went through beautiful Character Development,but at the cost of Ashfur who got Derailed.

The T Pot I'd give an F thanks to starting off as Filler,then when it got Darker And Edgier it all went nowhere.Everything I hated about Sunset [Word Of God hated this one to] was magnified here and the "protagonists" are simply Designated Heroes,the prose is sloppy,and Star Clan/Ancient Crap has taken over the mythos too much.Also everyone's been Flanderized to hell.


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