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Reviews Comments: Party On, Dudes! Bill And Ted episode review by Tangent 128

Remains my favorite Time Travel movie.

In a nutshell: two garage-band rockers are given a time-traveling phone booth by a fan from the future, and use it to abduct historical figures to get a passing grade on their history report.

Much Hilarity Ensues. Napoleon turns up at the Waterloo splash park, Socrates and Billy the Kid team up to hit on chicks, Genghis Khan discovers Twinkies...

And the future is total Crystal Spires And Air Guitar.

Despite its wonderful avoidance of taking itself too seriously, it also features the most thought-out Stable Time Loop I've yet to see.

And it's very quotable.


  • 25th Apr 09
Yes, it's quotable. My fav is:

"Hello. I'm Dr. Freud, but you may call me Siggy."
  • Chibi-Kibou
  • 18th Nov 09
Stable Time Loop/s/, surely?

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