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Despite Rodriguez's attempt at family pride here...
Well, if there's one thing I have to give Rodriguez: he loves his kids. He really loves his kids. He loves his kids so much that he'd let one of them direct this piece of crap. Despite the fetish-fuelability Lavagirl has, I wouldn't suggest watching it, as I fell asleep halfway through. The bright colors bugged me, and the glasses (at the time they were still using red/blue 3D glasses) didn't help either, in fact they made viewing worse. I had to keep taking them off and putting them back on because my retinas started sweating. Yes, sweating. The scenery looked fresh out of some stoner's imagination mixed with Candyland than a child's imagination and the villain looked dull and flat—which was amplified by the lame stylings of George Lopez. Really, for 2003, they could have tried way better than that. His kid may be sweet, but he cannot, for the life of him, direct a movie as well as his dad can.
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