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New Thunder Cats - A Great Reboot
I never really was a fan of the old Thunder Cats show. It's good for its time, but it just doesn't float my boat. There were some cheesy moments and Snarf was really annoying, but for all that it's worth, it was a good show. Then I hear about the new series coming out, and I'm pretty skeptical. They redid [[He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe He-Man]] back in 2003, and while it was an interesting concept, it didn't really do the old show any justice. So I tuned in to the premiere, and HOLY CRAP IT'S AWESOME.

There's plenty of good story-telling elements here, betrayal, defeat, revenge, all that stuff. The character designs were a little throwing off at first glance, but I adjusted to it. There were some throwbacks to the old show, as well as some new elements of its own that, when put together, make for a very good action series.

The plot is as follows: Lion-O is in the shadow of his brother, Tygra. The cats and lizards are going through a great war. The lizards invade, Mumm-Ra kill Lion'O's father, and they pretty much destroy their town. There's also something about the Sword of Omens and technology, but I'd rather you see it for yourself.

Character Development is always a heavy part of any pilot. You start to actually connect with the characters and feel what they're going through. There's plenty of it here. Snarf isn't annoying and whiny, either, just a Ridiculously Cute Critter.

I look forward to more episodes.

Overall: 10/10

Pros: Thunder Cats is now 20% cooler, great storyline, something for old and new fans, and Lion-O's dad is voiced by the old Lion-O, among other things. Cons: Character design will throw you off at first, but you'll adjust to them.
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