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Reviews Comments: Review of Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus Frankenstein issue/book review by Leigh Sabio

As You Know, Bob, this is Shelley's original novel, which I read for AP Lang. & Comp. I enjoyed it, and Shelley is clearly a good writer. She crafts morally complex conflicts and raises interesting questions, which are a refreshing break from Flat Characters and anvilicious over-simplified conflicts. She also handles difficult tropes like Sanity Slippage and Irony very well. (It is also probably the Ur Example of Uncanny Valley.) That said, I have some advice for you: If you don't have a high tolerance for Tear Jerkers and angst, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. I love Flowers For Algernon, and The Catcher In The Rye, and I must say, even I wanted to give Victor Frankenstein a sharp shake and tell him to quit whining. Granted, Shelley did this on purpose, to hilight his mental instability and his selfishness, but it still grates the nerves after a while. And at the end... I cried like a baby.


  • wellinever
  • 23rd Sep 09
I couldn't stand his Too Good For This World sweetheart. But the part about his brother was heart-wrenching. Probaby the best Creator Breakdown piece ever.
  • WilliamWideWeb
  • 23rd Sep 09
I liked Shinji and couldn't stand Victor Frankenstein's wangst. Take that as you will.

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