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Reviews Comments: Nostalgic, funny, heartwarming, but ended too soon Winnie The Pooh film/book review by The Tanned Otaku

This tropette has been a fan of Winnie the Pooh ever since she was in diapers. And now as she's reaches the age of 17, she is still a proud fan of that silly ol' bear.

This tropette will not spoil anything because you should be watching this movie!

This movie, however, does more than provide nostalgic pleasure for the now, aged fans of the franchise, but also provides a good story (even if it is a Random Events Plot), fun characters, and even a good moral (put your friends first) at the end for any incoming fans or the younger crowd. This film is also capable of a appealing to multiple demographics without "modernizing" it (unlike Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Smurfs).

The story sort of wanders around (much like Pooh's train of thought) which results in Random Events Plot. Not to say that it's bad, in fact, it practically makes sense, since it is Pooh's story. Also, it doesn't confuse the audience, or bounce around, which is good. The Backson subplot however, reminds one of The Search for Christopher Robin, in the way that the animals believe that Christopher Robin needs to be rescued due to a misunderstanding (also by Owl), at least in this case, the situation isn't more complicated than it needs to be (sort of). And even though the film ended without any loose ends, this tropette still feels having more adventures with Christopher's childhood friends.

The characters are just the same as the older fans remember; Pooh the tenacious honey lover, Tigger as Fun Personified, Piglet as the Fraidy-Cat with hidden bravery, Owl as the Know Nothing Know It All, Eeyore as well, The Eeyore, and so on. These characters are the type that operate with Scarecrow Logic (can think despite not having a brain), yet are still perfectly competent, and still manage to do the right the right thing, despite desperately wanting to give in to desire. All in all, good role models as well as characters.

This movie is a wonderful sendup to the classic tales of the Hundred Acre Wood for fans young and old. This tropette praises Disney for using classic 2-D animation (don't let this be the last). And hope that this movie in particular will be enjoyed by audiences for years to come.

Overall Score 9.9/10


  • Wackd
  • 22nd Jul 11
I never saw Owl as a Know Nothing Know It All, at least based on the original film—he always struck me as a sort of tottering old man sort of character, the grandfather you always dread visiting because he can talk for hours about the old days without being the least bit interesting. Hell, even when the flood comes he's still gibbering on about his freaking relatives.

That aside, I am looking forward to this film, and it's nice to know that it captures the spirt of Many Adventures well.
  • TheRealYuma
  • 20th Jan 16
It seemed like this film was just a direct-to-video film with a bigger budget.

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