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Reviews Comments: The Ultimate Computer review Star Trek The Original Series episode review by Leigh Sabio


This episode wasn't perfect. But I think if we waited for something "perfect" to put it on the So Cool Its Awesome page we'd have an empty page. This episode was one that made me remember just why I like Star Trek. I've gotta say, for an episode where humans are pitted against computers, it's a surprising aversion of Straw Vulcan. Spock freely admits that the computer is acting illogically. (Turns out to be justified. The doctor who built it, Doctor Daystrom, effectively built it as his brain, but faster and smarter.) I was also pleasantly surprised when Spock mentioned the fact that metal circuts can process information faster than human synapses. For a show that usually Fails Science and Logic Forever, in this episode, they sure...don't. Sure, the first half of the episode is a bit slow, I'll admit that fault freely, it Grows The Beard (If a single episode can Grow The Beard) in the second half. Not to say that the first half of the episode was bad at all. Slow, maybe, but there were those three rapid-fire Crowning Moments Of Heartwarming. The second half, however, is gripping. Emotional Torque (Even the audience is thinking Oh Crap when Kirk looks like he's going to cry after the computer destroys a Starfleet ship), suspense, action, and even an explosion. It even gave Dr. Daystrom, the scientist who built the computer, an intriguing (if Tear Jerker) character arc. And after hearing that the computer was acting illogically, I assumed that shutting off the computer with a Logic Bomb was going to be a Wall Banger. Not so! It was actually more like Talking The Monster To Death, and Character Derailment-free for all involved.


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