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Reviews Comments: Moviebob: Unprofessional Critic (and thank goodness!) Moviebob whole series review by Sporkaganza

A lot of people are complaining about how biased Movie Bob is. I'm not about to say he isn't, of course. He has his own hangups, and particularly worrying ones about sex, gender and women (the less said about his Metroid Other M defense video, the better).

People say "He should be professional! Professional critics don't let bias hold sway over them!" Uh, yeah they do. The vast majority of professional movie critics have a bias, for instance, for smaller-budget personal movies over blockbuster epics. Roger Ebert, who is definitely a good critic, is a positively rabid dunce when it comes to his rants about how video games are not and never will be art because... well, because they're video games? Hard to say.

What I'm trying to say is that critics claiming they are oh-so-above bias are always lying, and maybe it would be better if they embraced it. If you know the source you're getting your information from is biased, it helps to inform your own decisions, and I think Bob has definitely chosen to take this approach.

His opinion can still be useful in informing your moviegoing (and presumably gaming, although I must admit I don't know or care nearly as much about video games as I do about film) decisions, especially if his biases about the way a movie should be made line up with yours. Which in my case, they absolutely do, although I'd very much like to say that this isn't the case with all of his biases. (Don't get me started on the dismissal of anyone who isn't a geek as a braindead frat boy...)


  • MachineMan1992
  • 19th Jul 11
It's not just that he's biased. It's also that he's an asshole. His Antithinker episodes singlehandedly set gamers back at least a dozen years. Combine that with his blatant Nintendo fanboyism, refusal to do any research that might contradict his ridiculous strawmen, and his pulling arguments that no one supports right out of his ass, it's safe to say that Moviebob can fuck right off.
  • Grimace
  • 20th Jul 11
I was going to pop in to say that it's not just the bias, but it's the sheer extent of the bias and the fact he utterly refuses to acknowledge it...but Machine Man 1992 went and summarised the argument quite nicely.

He will endlessly piss and moan about changes or decisions about the parts of geek culture that he likes, but when it happens to ones he's not invested in he calls those raising an argument as whining fanboys. He will often do this one right after the other.
  • maninahat
  • 20th Jul 11
I agree with the last two guys, despite espousing the general philosophy of this review (that a critic needn't affect the arbitrary qualities of a "professional critic") and agreeing that Movie Bob is a perfectly capable reviewer.

Though I don't expect a reviewer to lack bias, Movie Bob takes it to a whole new level. The guy is an utter snob at times, which can make him hard to listen to if you just so happen to be one of the many strawmen he is giving a stuffing.
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 22nd Jul 11
Ebert actually overcame his video games bias in the end and conceded defeat very gracefully, saying he was too old and too unwillinging to personally grace the medium (which is just as well because too many popular games would have made him think he was right)

My biggest problem with Bob is less the bias and more the associated snub. There have been too many reviews where he rights off huge groups of people as douches and is unwilling to even try to think else wise, which is exactly what people complain about the public doing to gamers and nerds etc.

But he's insightful and once you've worked out his particular flaw and account for it (came up in his order of morally despicable themes in twilight)
  • ClassicCap
  • 21st Sep 11
I've been meaning to respond to your review for awhile now.

In my review below yours I put "professional" in quotes because Bob Chipman refers to himself as a professional and yes, there are no arbitrary qualities to a professional critic; comparing him to another critic as the idealized standard is ridiculous. However, the very definition of a professional is "a person competent or skilled in a particular activity" (Oxford). He's paid to review movies and provide insightful research on the film in question or cinema in general. The research is basic at best and insufferably one-sided. Yes, many critics do show disinterest towards certain genres or films, but Bob goes further by researching only as far as paper-thin support for the weak foundations of strawman arguments he pushes as HARD TRUTH. If he's not familiar with a genre or a film in general he just gives up in the middle of his review and goes off to pad out the review with superfluous nonsense (or attempts at humor); revealing himself as an unmovable mountain of biases, strawman arguments, and a disturbing elitist complex. It's a disgusting insult to intellectual research when one outright REFUSES to examine the opposing viewpoints, yet Moviebob again goes further by insulting/brushing off viewpoints towards a film that disagree with his own. Does an intellectual truly triumph when you've alienated/insulted anyone who disagree with you and your left with only those who share your opinions/biases? No, you've only equated yourself to a child that's cupped their hands over their ears and screamed away anyone who doesn't share your opinion.

Bob Chipman was an insightful, helpful, humble, and yes, a professional movie critic but he lost that a long time ago and since my review he has only gotten worse. As a former fan of his work it hurts to say how he is now an elitist, arrogant, and biased snob. Shalom.

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