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Reviews Comments: A Hilarious Performance A Very Potter Musical whole series review by Pumpkin Lore

I first came across A Very Potter Musical in the "Recommended For You" section of You Tube. I immediately became hooked when Harry said, "NO WAY this year anyone's gonna die!" The songs may obviously not be professional, but are very good for amatuers, and quite catchy. The acting and singing are brilliant, especially from the duo Brian Rosenthal and Joe Walker, who plays Quirrel and Voldemort. They worked quite well together, and totally makes you want to ship Quirrel and Voldy. The script was written quite well, combining many of the plots from the books yet is still clear. Some viewers (like The Man Without A Body, who seemed to have forgotten that Potter Puppet Pals also have American accents) may find the Americanized accents distracting, but I found it quite funny, possibly funnier then if they had proper British accents (though, of course, Malfoy would be nothing without his accent).

The only thing that could be improved on is the characterization of Bellatrix, who was quite annoying. Otherwise, this musical is quite a treat. As it was recommended for me, I recommend it for other Potter fans.


  • gneissisnice
  • 13th Aug 10
"The songs may obviously not be professional, but are very good for amateurs, and quite catchy".

OH YEAH? Why don't you sing a song RIGHT NOW, in front of EVERYONE?

Seriously though, the songs were absolutely great, I didn't think they sounded amateurish at all. I'd say they're surprisingly well-written and performed for a fan made parody.

But I agree with everything else you said (though the characterization of Bellatrix didn't bother me that much). It was a hilarious show that didn't take itself or its source material too seriously, and the actors were all amazing, both at singing and acting. And as for Americanized accents, I personally picture the characters in the books with American accents because I don't wanna hear them as British. So to each his own.
  • PumpkinLore
  • 5th Dec 10
I've been watching the musical again, and I think I was too judgmental and too trying-to-avoid-gushing. The cast are quite good. =) Since I was asking for it . . .

}PumpkinLore can't sing, PumpkinLore can't sing, PumpkinLore cannot sing!"

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