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Reviews Comments: Journey To Babel review Star Trek The Original Series episode review by Leigh Sabio


Okay, so I just talked ranted about an episode that really disappointed me. Now, to be fair, I'm going to gush about an episode I loved. This was the episode that really had me sold, that really made me say "Okay, now I'm a Trekkie." It beautifully meshes heartwarming and fascinating character drama with good suspense. The barely-repressed emotional tension between Spock and his father is intriguing, understated, and beautiful to begin with, but when Sarek becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the Tellarite ambassador's murder (Alas Poor Alien Scrappy. You were hilarious!) you're on the edge of your seat. Amanda Grayson is pure, walking heartwarming. (And surprisingly Moe Moe for an old lady). Uhura is competent in the episode. Even though she only has a few lines, as usual she traces an alien signal as coming from aboard the Enterprise, which later reveals that the spy among them is secretly not from the alien race he appears, and still has contact with the enemy ship through a transmitter in his body. Chekov, despite being a minor character, is also very endearing and competent when manning Spock's usual station. But the Crowning Moment Of Awesome would have to go to Kirk for commanding the Enterprise right after being near-fatally stabbed, despite the fact that he should have been in sickbay, and the Enterprise is being pursued and fired at. That was badass. Oh, and it directly leads to another Crowning Moment Of Awesome in which the pursuing ship self-destructs in the biggest explosion the budget will allow. (Ooooooh, fireworks!)


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