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Reviews Comments: What Are Little Girls Made Of review Star Trek The Original Series episode review by Leigh Sabio


Okay, so before I begin, let me explain: I am definitely a fan of Star Trek. I am just not a fan of this episode. In case you don't remember, this is the one in which Kirk investigates Nurse Chapel's long lost fiance, presumed to be dead, but is actually living in an elaborate mad science lab, creating androids. This is also the one in which two thirds of our beloved Power Trio do absolutely nothing, and Mc Coy is not even seen. The episode has a lot of legitimate suspense, but the "Robotic double" plot point is a complete Missed Moment Of Awesome. When Kirk has his robotic double made and sent onto the Enterprise, it seems like the episode may be speeding up, but in the end, but then what? The robotic double doesn't wreak havoc on the Enterprise, doesn't try to harm the crew. Nothing. All the drama that could have been milked out of it is gone. Another reason to call this episode Discontinuity is that Kirk is a real Jerk Ass to Andrea. He uses her as a Human Shield at one point, and forces a kiss on her at another. Now, granted, she's not human, but this doesn't reflect well on a man who's supposed to be a Chivalrous Pervert Officer And A Gentleman. Besides, lack of respect for non-human but clearly sentient, sapient and conscious beings (the robots all get killed) is another problem. And the strawmanning of the logical, emotionless robots made me glad Spock was just sitting aboard the enterprise being useless. Couple that with a whole lot of Easy Evangelism from Kirk, and an Anvilicious Science Is Bad Aesop when the Enterprise wouldn't have even existed if not for science, and you has an episode that boldly goes where no episode has gone before...down the tubes.


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