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Reviews Comments: The most subversively funny show on TV. Adventure Time whole series review by Sweet Madness

A lot of cartoons aiming for Periphery Demographic appeal tend to go for "random" humor that runs out quickly after a few episodes, and comes off as merely bizzare non-sequiters rather than anything actually funny. Adventure Time is unique in that it is an endless fountain of continually-fresh and inventive humor, constantly subverting expectations of all kinds. Everything about the show is jam-packed full of quirkiness that never feels pretentious or condescending. The dialogue, plots, characters, artwork, everything contributes to the experience and manages to retain its charm time after time.

In short, if you're looking for a crazy, unpredictable show that constantly suprises even the most jaded viewer, you'll love Adventure Time.


  • dwarfstar
  • 6th Sep 11
Well said, especially about the random humor.

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