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Reviews Comments: One of the weakest Slendy projects Tribe Twelve whole series review by deeman 45

When discussing "core" Slender Man Mythos projects, this tends to get mentioned alongside such stories as Marble Hornets, Everyman HYBRID, and Just Another Fool. Tribe Twelve is easily the worst of these.

The first few videos feature a never-ending assault of Operator symbols and Slendy cameos. Unlike the subtle rising creepiness of Marble Hornets or the bait and switch of Everyman HYBRID's "parody gone wrong", Tribe Twelve plays hard and fast with the Mythos' calling cards, hitting notes that even a casual Slender Man fan will find familiar. The early videos feature weak plots easily destroyed through Fridge Logic and extremely poor acting and writing.

Especially at the beginning, Tribe Twelve apes on Marble Hornets unabashedly. The series opens with Noah uploading an Apocalyptic Log a few years old, like MH. Noah is drawn into the story through his efforts to uncover what happened to another character, mirroring Jay's pursuit of Alex. Even later on in the series, when the writers grow bold and introduce their own elements, clear parallels can be seen: Night Recording's Nothing Is Scarier vibe echoes the infamous Entry #16, the Abandoned Playground from the video Noah gets is similar to Entry #4, and totheark has received yet another Expy in the form of the Observer.

I won't say this series doesn't have great effects. It deserves the Visual Effects Of Awesome moniker. Slender Man looks great, and the series isn't afraid to indulge in close-ups of fantastic shots. The Observer's videos are pure black and white, and they're oppressive, sinister, and probably the best part of the series. However, as any film buff will tell you, all the effects in the world don't mean a thing if your actors can't hold their part.

The acting is Tribe Twelve's greatest weakness. In the early videos Milo and Noah engage in dull, unconvincing activities and dialogue. I recall one early moment when Milo runs for his a rather leisurely jog. Noah's actor improves as time goes on, but his Cluster F Bombs remain, unfortunately. That may be a legitimate reaction in real life, but Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic and the constant swearing is jarring and drags the viewer out of the experience.

Tribe Twelve starts weak and slowly improves, but it's Follow The Leader tendencies and poor acting leave it trailing at the end of the Slender Man pack.


  • MrFood11
  • 3rd Aug 11
Agreed. The only thing Tribe Twelve really has going for it are the visual effects. And Narm.
  • Hyrin
  • 21st Aug 12
The Collective is an interesting twist too. Instead of having a single To The Ark, they have a squad of them, each implied to have been in the same boat as Noah before joining up.

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