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Reviews Comments: It's almost unanimous. Watch volume one then leave it. Heroes season review by wellinever

Heroes has recieved alot of flack lately and may I say rightly so. Characters have repeated the same mistakes over and over, smart characters have done stupid things. good characters have turned evil and evil characters have turned good at the flip of a coin. No one knows what the hell is going on in a very Lostian sense and very soon no one will care.

However it wasn't always like this people. There was once intrigue. There was once suspence. There was once constant characters who had yet to be derailed and thrilling plot arcs that inexplicably weaved themselves together. Heroes was going to be the show that brought sci-fi and comic book storytelling to the masses and herald a new generation of heroes for us to admire. The old heroes of generations past would be swept away in their sted inthralling us within the confides of the Television medium. Alas it was not to be. The show's hubris was great and the writers' strike was to (ironically) strike the show down like Zeus did to Bellerophon, and now it must live out it's life as a blinded cripple, grieving and shunning the haunts of men.

Please, I beg of you. If you love your comic book heroes and didn't see Heroes only see the first series. After that the show is doomed.


  • gibberingtroper
  • 1st Feb 10
I held on for a long time thinking it was all going somewhere. Then I forgot and just watched the show out of slavish obligation. Then I rewatched the first season and was reminded of just how awesome this show was going to be.

I agree with you 100%. Season One, nothing more. Volume Five has a plot arc with Hiro that might salvage it, but I doubt it.

  • BulldozerBegins
  • 27th Apr 10
I think viewers expected too much out of this show. When I heard about the Writers' Strike, I knew from the get-go that the show's hopes were doomed. I nearly gave up in season three, when the Character Derailment got out of line, but decided to stick with it until the end of season four. The Carnies were not the show's salvation as the writing team had hoped they would be. Instead, they were what put a final nail in the show's coffin. If NBC hasn't yet made it official that the show is canceled and over, I highly advise that they do so.
  • MarkAntony
  • 1st Feb 11
Sorry, but spelling bugging me: "Suspense", not "suspence"; "stead", not "sted"; "enthralling", not "inthralling"

Otherwise, great review. Totally agree.
  • EponymousKid
  • 1st Feb 11
Frankly, I'm baffled by this series. Maybe it's just me, but as someone who reads a lot of comics I've seen this exact plot dozens of times. Well, okay, the exact plot of, well, Volume One.
  • 2nd Feb 11
"It's almost unanimous. Watch volume one then leave it."

Almost, but not quite. Don't even bother watching the first season, is what I say.
  • BlueIceTea
  • 11th Oct 11
Well I agree with the recommendation on Season 1. Can't comment about the rest of the series because everyone's advice seems to be not to watch it - so I'm not watching it! The good news: I can believe all sorts of happy things, like that Nathan's alive (assuming he survived his exploding brother), the Bennets are still together, and Sylar eats brains! The bad news: I'm frustrated to find out what the characters will do next. Anyone know of a good fan-fic series that picks up where the first season left off?

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