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Reviews Comments: This movie is the epitome of everything horrible in Hollywood. Grown Ups whole series review by Torquey

Rather than make a complicated introduction to this review that will suck up word space, I will just say I hated Grown Ups and go from there.

The main gimmick for this movie is that it stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock, and Rob Schneider. For those of you who love the bland and unchanging, you will be glad to know every actor is written the same way as their previous movies: Sandler is a Marty Stu movie agent married to Salma Hayek, Kevin James plays a fat, lovable oaf, Rock plays a sassy black guy, Spade is a listless, promiscuous bachelor, and Schneider is that guy who you never want to leave your kids with. There are other, far more likable characters in this movie, but FUCK THEM WE HAVE ADAM SANDLER.

What really made me angry about this movie is the plot. A basketball coach who was a major influence on all of the guys dies, they attend his funeral, they take a vacation at a lakeside bungalow, and... that is it. There is no overarching story, no conflict, nothing. The petty excuse of a climax is a basketball rematch mentioned about twice in the movie before the last 10 minutes. What makes it worse is that any good plots are quickly scrapped as soon as they are introduced. The guys' children hate them because they are living without technology? Don't worry, they start playing with tin can phones five minutes after! Hayek pissed off at her husband for making her skip an important business trip for an unexpected vacation? She just wipes her tears and gets back in the kitchen, like a good wife should. Spade supposedly sleeps with Schneider's daughter, which could cause a massive rift in their friendship? Used as a joke and nothing more.

Speaking of jokes in this movie, they suck. They can be sorted in three main categories: horrible one-liners and puns Sandler thought of on the shitter and decided to include in anyway, harsh slapstick (like Schneider getting shot in the foot with an arrow), or jokes about how Schneider has two hot daughters and one ugly one (complete with that fucking Pina Colada song playing every time). As you can guess, all of these jokes go stale very quickly.

To summarize, skip this movie unless you have no taste.


  • budman2008
  • 31st Jul 11
Oh god, I agree absolutely. This movie was absolute garbage and I resented that a couple of decently talented people like Salma Hayek and Steve Buscemi were actually in it. After seeing a movie like Funny People that, flawed as it was, made Sandler a bit more likable because even if it was a silly "boohoo Im so rich and sad" movie he at least poked fun at the bull shit he tends to star in. But 1 year later he stars in this piece of shit and it just makes you want to punch him in the face.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 1st Aug 11
I agree wholeheartedly. The trailers even made me groan in agony.
  • SJD
  • 17th Aug 11
It may be because I am very, VERY young, but I quite liked it. Some of the scenes were most certainly claw-your-eyes-out, but the premise felt like a feel-good film for kids, which it was. Since it was for children to pre-teens, I assume that's why there were so few scenes that were "funny" to people over, maybe perhaps, 15. But, being 14, I liked it a lot, because of the stupid, corny jokes that you've heard a million times but might bring back nostalgia. Then again, I'm a little girl, so my view could be looking at it weirdly.

On the other hand, some of those comments were really harsh. Seriously, please keep in mind some people (it may be only 3 but they're still people) liked this film and may be insulted by your comments.
  • marston
  • 5th Oct 11
This review sums up my thoughts on this "film" quite nicely. Sure, imo, there were a couple funny jokes, but those got overshadowed by all the horrible "jokes" in this pathetic excuse of a movie. I miss when sandler made good movies like "billy madison" or "happy gilmore", or even "funny people".

Just one thing you forgot to mention. According to grown ups, when a joke is made, good or bad, How do you make it better? By having the chreacters laugh at the jokes too. Repeatdly. Even when kevin james pretends to be bitten by a snake and everyone is panicked, then he reveals it to be a prank, they laugh like a bunch of annoying jackasses. Also, cute as they were, who else was annoyed by the kids in this movie?
  • terlwyth
  • 23rd Jan 13
Ugh why does no one mention Mr. Deeds on the good Adam Sandler list?

But seriously,you've mostly got it right. A shame since,it's such a simple premise that shouldn't be that hard too mess up.
  • RobbieRotten
  • 17th Mar 13
Did you stalk my mind? i ask cuz THIS IS MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY

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