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Reviews Comments: Not good. Johnny Test whole series review by Torquey

If I were to describe Johnny Test in seven words, it would be "the cancer that is killing Cartoon Network."

First, let us talk about presentation. The show is yet another Canadian Flash cartoon, which becomes obvious with the lazy tweening and sub-par animation, as if the show was made on a $20 budget. However, sound effects apparently do not cost a dime, seeing as how electric guitar riffs, stock sounds ripped from 90s-era websites, and whip cracks dominate every scene.

Now for the main cast. Every character in Johnny Test is one-dimensional and bland: Johnny is your regular 11-year-old asshole who never gets karmic retribution for his douchy actions, Dukey is his equally boring foil, and Mary and Susan are supposed teen geniuses who lose all intelligence when staring at their next-door neighbor. Everybody else follows the same pattern (one of Johnny's teachers is actually called Mr. Teacherman, as if his entire life revolved around being a mean teacher), but one thing holds the same for every character: they panic. A lot. Seriously, it is like the voice actors were instructed to scream or use loud tones in every other sentence for fear of losing the minuscule attention spans of the show's audience.

At this point, I would delve into the show's plot. The problem is that none exists. Every single episode is made of cliches crudely held together with the characters mentioned above. For the most part, Johnny wants to do something cool, he asks his sisters to invent something to help him, things spiral out of control, and Johnny saves the day so that he can be a dick again tomorrow. Yeah, there are some other plots (generic villain team-up episode, Johnny squaring off against Bling-Bling Boy for the billionth time, etc.), but they are hardly worth mentioning.

Normally, I would not have paid any attention to this pitiful excuse for entertainment if Cartoon Network had not adopted it and aired it every waking hour. But they did, and I suffered for it. Since I am running out of word space here, I will summarize: this show is bad. Stay away from it. If you have nothing else to watch but this show, then read a goddamn book instead. Dostoevsky and Tolstoy may not be exciting, but at least they can write.

P.S. I would write a Big Time Rush review, but it would just be copying and pasting this one.


  • Frankiefoster
  • 30th Jul 11
You're right. In fact, my review was going to pretty much highlight all those, but you've hit them for me.
  • S3
  • 30th Jul 11
Dead on with this...

Regular Show, Adventure Time, Generator Rex (that new Thundercats series is becoming promising to me, however) - These are the only reasons I bother with this channel.

They just need people in charge who care more about making more good cartoons like my examples IHMO, and the crap will eventually fade, no matter how eternal.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 30th Jul 11
Gumball, Regular Show, 2 Stupid Dogs, and Looney Tunes/Looney Tunes Show for me.
  • LaCapitana
  • 30th Jul 11
I'm in love with the Cartoon Network they show in Latin America because they still don't show any of the live-action shows or Johnny test. I saw the episode where a giant green-puss filled pimple rampaged through Johnny's hometown and that's what made me hate the show.
  • Torquey
  • 11th Aug 11
I also forgot to mention how the show plagiarizes more successful shows. Aside from the fact that the show is basically a gender-flipped Dexters Laboratory, several episodes take their premises from other plots (One episode has Johnny take a chemical which makes him the most wanted kid in school, just like Timmy Turner wished for eight years ago). Hell, it seems like they recycle their own plots in some episodes.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 27th Aug 11
And that's why I hate it.
  • Torquey
  • 4th Sep 11
Apparently, they redid the entire opening in Flash now. Why the fuck?
  • Frankiefoster
  • 5th Sep 11
Wait, you're kidding. They did? Also, I got through (by some miracle) half of the show—finally stopped after the crapfest that was Fangs A Lot Johnny. Not only did it use one of the worst vampire puns ever as the title, it also did what every other vampire spoof does these days: spoof Twilight again, also wasting whatever cool ideas could have been made with Vampire!Mary and Susan, but mostly Vampire!Mary on another lame spoof we've seen since the book came out.
  • lilchat
  • 30th Dec 12
You're an adult watching a children's tv show that fclearly was designed for children. This show clearly didn't have the adults in mind when it was made, that doesn't mean it is horrible. Yea there aren't parental bonus, but to a 7 yr old, tv is tv. When you were 10 did you really think about how complex the plot of your favorite tv was.
  • MrMouse
  • 30th Dec 12

Its true thats its aimed towards kids, but that shouldn't be a pass for... well, crap.

And speaking from experience, I may not have been looking for depth in my cartoons, but when I found it, it sure made an impression on me, and made me regard it higher than some other throwaway cartoon.
  • LostHero
  • 11th Feb 13

"You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway. " - Walt Disney

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