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Reviews Comments: Review of Season 3 Star Wars The Clone Wars season review by Happy Man

Season 3 is probably the most uneven season of the whole series so far. It starts with a couple of decent, action packed episodes, followed by extremely boring arcs, and followed by the most awesome episodes of the entire series.

The two first episodes, focused on clones, with some jedi vs sith action, are quite good. They have good fight scenes, powerful moments and great interaqction between characters.

Then, we dive into the boring part of the season, starting with a Jar Jar Binks episode (although to be fair, he only appeared once this season) ,with plots revolving around the corruption of the Madalorian goeverment, the daughter of a politician being kidnapped, more Ziro the Hutt (he and Cad Bane pretty much cancel each other out) and Padme trying to stop the war via diplomacy. These plots were boring, had little to no action (which is the main reason for watching this show, at least for me), and pretty much no relevance. On the good side, "Heroes on both sides" made a good job showing that separatist aren't Always Chaotic Evil, just people with dissenting views. Still, I'd recommend to avoid watching episodes 3 to 11.

When it looked that this season is going to be full of politics, trade blockades and other boring stuff, the Nightsisters arc arrives. I'm not too fond of Villain Episodes, but these were awesome. We finally get to see more force users besides Jedi and Sith, some Sith training methods, as well as great fight scenes between Asajj Ventress and Count Dooku. And there's Savage Opress. Apparently, Darth Maul was so popular and and so many people felt he was wasted, that they went as far as creating an Expy for him. And they confirmed that he will appear again in future seasons!

And, after the Nightsisters arc, we see the peak of this season: the Mortis Arc. In this arc, Anakin, Obi Wan and Ashoka meet three God-like enetities that are the embodiment of the Light Side, the Dark Side and the Force as a whole. As expected, awesomeness ensues. And two Qui-Gon Jinn appearances!

The next arc, Citadel, goes back to the usual tone of the series, in which our heroes embark on a rescue mission. The two parter finale of the season, wasn't too great, but not as bad as the first half of the season. But hey, we get to see Chewbacca!

Overall, this was a good season, with its good points surpassing the bad ones.


  • Twoie92
  • 6th Mar 13
I agree. Those politics episodes were boring (apart from "Heroes On Both Sides", for same reasons) and they should have evened them out with action episodes.

I also loved the "Nightsisters" arc. Why? The ending. I actually remember my reaction: "OK, so Savage is going back to Mother Talzin... oh, she's helping him, I wonder why...? A brother? But I thought he killed his brother earlier... HOLY CRAP!! IS THAT DARTH MAUL?!"

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