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Reviews Comments: What can I say? I love this series The Wheel Of Time whole series review by psycher 7

Absolute best epic fantasy series ever (yes, that does mean better that Tolkien). I love everything about it: the characters, the plot, the world, the incredible amounts of detail, all of it.

Okay, yes, it is rather long (and not yet finished; next year!). Yes, the 10th book is a bit slow; not even BAD, just slow. So what? I'm rereading the whole thing for at least the sixth time and I still find little bits I missed. I enjoy it. Why would anyone want to cut down on this?

There are a (very) few characters I dislike, but I think the only one you're only supposed to like is Tuon, Little Miss "Entire Continent I Have Never Been To Should Kneel At My Feet" herself. The other two are Moiraine's Replacement Scrappy Cadsuane, and that worthless slut Berelain. Pretty much everyone else on the Light side, awesome.

The breadth and depth of his reference pools are incredible. From big things like Rand's obvious Christ parallels to little things like Cullen's Hound (i.e., Cuchulain), the name of an inn in Caemlyn. This is what makes the world pop out. Yes, he describes dresses...and weapons, architecture, ships, furniture, geography, horses, accents, hair styles and about a billion other things.

After Jordan's tragic death in 2007, it became one of a very few book series to successfully be passed on to a new author. Sanderson's continuations are exceptionally good (although in many instances YMMV; most evident in some character interpretations and word choice).

So yeah, if you like epic fantasy, give it a go.


  • suspiciouscookie
  • 6th Jul 11
[that worthless slut Berelain]

>:( No. No slutshaming. Kthxbai.

Glad someone else likes the series, though!
  • GoldenAlex
  • 1st Oct 12
Awesome review. Cadsuane is designed to be a replacement scrappy though, both in-universe and out.
  • YourBrainOnTaint
  • 24th Nov 12
Interesting review. Aside from the charming slut-shaming. Nice to see you missed everything important/interesting about her character.
  • JimmyTMalice
  • 7th Apr 13
Berelain is hardly worthless, since she actually uses her charms to ensure that her nation isn't overshadowed by Tear and absorbed. Her constantly forcing her attentions on Perrin is annoying, though.

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