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Reviews Comments: A jolly good show. Regular Show whole series review by Tre

Well, I'll admit it: Regular Show isn't perfect. Some of the jokes fall flat, it can be derivative of older stuff that came before it, and it alone didn't pull Cartoon Network out of its dork age. But it is one of the reasons why it's been doing better.

And there's very good reason for that: The show is pretty great. 

The best thing about it is that Quintel & Co. learned from their mistakes and addressed most of them during Season 2. One of my gripes earlier in the show was that Mordecai seemed to just want Margaret for her lady pecs, but once the episode where Mordecai & Rigby went on the double date with Margaret and Eileen, she got a role other than simply being Mordo's girl he can never have. Also, the "my mom" jokes from Muscle Man got less obvious, and eventually once we got used to his usual punchline they dropped it altogether, which somehow made them funnier than they were. 

Oh, and Mordecai and Rigby themselves are great, even though (or perhaps because) their whole dynamic's been done before the world over. They just have a bit of a pull for some odd reason that isn't present in, say, Finn and Jake. They're closer to earth, and both have their own distinct personalities that are really relatable despite the fact that they're a giant bird and a raccoon, which makes them just as cool to me as F&J, but for different reasons. There's a pretty great dissonance between the two shows as a result even though they both have similar concepts. Of course, both are larger than life in nearly every way possible, but not once have I ever truly felt like I've been disappointed by an episode of either, really. 

But let's get back to RS. Ultimately, I think there are a few nitpicks in a couple of things related to the executions of a few episodes, Rigby seems like his jerkery is Depending On The Writer and the fact that HFG isn't given that much of a role other than being Muscle Man's lackey irritates me, but honestly, I'm fine enough with the rest of the show that I looked past that a while ago. In short, Regular Show is a fun, frantic and weird program that takes you on a rollercoaster ride that seems to switch its pattern up every week, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Can't wait for Season 3.


  • brazillianboy122
  • 20th Sep 11
Agreed about the whole duo dynamic. Modecai and Rigby and Finn and Jake are bothe great examples of duos, but they're different kinds of duos. If one was more like the other, it wouldn't work out
  • Frankiefoster
  • 15th Oct 11
Exactly why I enjoy Regular Show over Adventure Time? It's freaky, but it still holds something "regular" about it. Adventure Time is just 100% freaky and has a relatively unbelievable setting and premise that draws me off, even though technically they're the same concept.

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