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Reviews Comments: Where's the emotion? Green Lantern film/book review by La Capitana

The Green Lantern movie was fairly entertaining. Ryan Reynolds is a very charming actor and it was fun to see him as a superhero. Some of the action scenes were fun to watch and although the CG was obvious, it had moments where it was still aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of things that dragged this movie down story-wise. This movie had some very weak supporting characters. The Green Lantern Corps was cool, but Hal Jordan's family doesn't get much screentime and his Love Interest was boring. Sure, we are told Hal Jordan and his former paramour Carol Ferris care a lot for each other but the actors just don't have much chemistry. Hal Jordan has a best friend who also falls off the face of the movie pretty darn quickly. As a consequence, it was hard to care for the people Green Lantern was trying to save. Because of the weak characterization, the movie failed to deliver the drama and emotion it was trying to. The stakes were pretty darn high, too, but it didn't matter because I just didn't care for any of them.

So while the movie wasn't terrible, it definitely fell flat when it tried to deliver a message about profound optimism and faith in mankind. This superhero's franchise is off to a shaky start, but perhaps there's some potential for a great movie to come out in the sequels.


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