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Reviews Comments: Cars 2—Actually not bad. Cars 2 film/book review by prinzenick

After hearing about how Rotten Tomatoes is thrashing this film, i decided to go by my gut and see this movie today to see how it really turned out for myself.

To my surprise, it was actually pretty good. The plot was handled in a workmanlike fashion, the characters are likable, visuals are pretty, and there are some funny bits sandwiched in between the story. Mater actually wasn't as annoying as i thought he would be.

My only complaints about the film are annoying pathos scenes, which just feel forced and out of place in what's otherwise a fairly good summer comedy flick.

I can tell the people who worked on this were having fun making this spy film spoof, and if that's so bad, then sign me up.

Overall, it was a good movie—worthy of around a 70% rating, and certainly NOT around 30%. I think i even liked this film better than the original Cars.

Rating: 7/10. Decent film.

P.S. The film has a Toy Story short in the opening, which is also not bad. Not as good as the typical Pixar short, but i guess this short and film were made to relieve the tension of making the gut-wrenchingly sad Toy Story 3. Here's to 25 Years of Pixar!


  • SharonaTheParadox
  • 28th Jun 11
Definitely. I was honestly aurprised to see the bad reviews, and I think the movie might have been just as good as (or maybe even better?) the original.

I didn't have too much of a problem with the pathos scenes; the one with the weird flashbacks was a little much, but the rest weren't so bad, in my opinion. Regardless, it still wasn't a BAD movie.

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