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Reviews Comments: Its good, and you should check it out, but there are few problems The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes whole series review by Nabirius

The series as it stands so far is excellent, the characters are all well developed and interesting in their own rights and you don't need any background from the comics in order to enjoy the series, but a few things annoy me.

The Worf Effect is used quite a bit, normally to Thor and Iron Man. Its kind of odd actually the series does a really good job of making the 'lesser' characters seem relevant and important (although exactly how powerful Wasp's blasts are fluctuates) in fact Ant Man and Hawkeye (Cap is also awesome, but that's not at all surprising) are both AWESOME, so much so that Hawkeye, a character I never really knew of became my favorite. But it has Thor and Iron man getting destroyed or overpowered in order to show how powerful the villain is and sometimes it seems like its better to not have powers. That said I still love Thor, because everything he says makes me grin.

Black Panther seems borderline-sue. I know that this isn't really anything new, but he has few if any character flaws. He at one point defeats the entire team alone. He also disobeys orders on several occasions and it always turns out well when he does. Its not that bad because he never dominates the story but he is a master of several African Martial Arts, an unparalleled hacker, and a theoretical physicist, just saying. That said it also brings up one of my favorite parts of the series, Iron Man's almost inept leadership. A big theme in the show is not just putting the team together but getting them to work together, in the beginning they disagree on what to do, disobey orders, break up, etc. In fact it often seems like they would be more efficient on there own, but over the course of the series they start to work as a team well, and you also get to see Iron Man's evolution as a leader. It's also pretty subtle, so that's good to.

The relationship between Ant Man and the Wasp is really cute and well done, also it's refreshing to seem Pym as the scientific messiah instead of a wife-beating monster (See never live it down). Also its nice that all the characters have really believable human flaws (except BP, natch), Iron Man is bad with people and often doesn't care enough to listen, even when others have a point, which hurts his leadership. Pym is idealistic to a fault. Janet can be selfish and cruel at times. Hawkeye is petty and puts the team in danger, etc.


  • EricW
  • 6th Sep 11
One other thing I like about the show is the less famous characterizations between Avengers. We not only get to see the Idealistic and thoughtful Antman clash with the brash pragmatic Iron Man, but we also get other unique situations such as the growing affection between Thor and Hulk, the calm Captain America and Black Panther mentoring the abrasive Hawkeye, and the Fire Forged Friendship developing between the whole team.

Also one characterization you didn't mention (for space I assume) is how they use Hulk. I actually like that they've given him a bit of The Atoner to his character, because when you have a Flat character of pure rage and leave me alone, that doesn't leave much room for heroic material to develop in the show. In this way, Hulk's still highly aggressive, but we see that he's able to channel that aggression to fight for greater good, and even come to appreciate the Avengers for giving him a home safely away from a Shield prison. Otherwise, great review that encapsulates almost all of this show.

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