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Reviews Comments: Half-Solved Problem The Problem Solverz whole series review by Lightningphoenix 13

I can half-understand why this show has a Hatedom: first off, the animation. Geez. It was very bright and all, but someone could easily get a seizure from the episodes. Also, the running cycles are an easy target. I could go on, but I didn't come to hate on this series.

The storyline is great for a kid's network. Three guys solving problems in their hometown and getting help from an anthropomorphic dog. It's kind of like the Regular Show in the way they have to fix larger problems (i.e., monsters, robots, the like).

The characters also have their shortcomings. For example, Alfe tends to be a spoiled brat at times, and other times he pulls off what I consider a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Roba's very nerdy and slightly cowardly, but he does have his moments. And Horace, who appears to be the Only Sane Man, breaks up fights between the aforementioned two so we can get a break from the fights.

Sure, this series has its shortcomings and a Hatedom to match, but it does have its good moments.


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