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Reviews Comments: Alternate Ending: Detective Ganondorf and the Case of The Great Flood Cry For Hyrule fanfic review by Kishou

Wind Waker is a great game in its own right, sadly lacking much to explore. With 49 square areas to explore and only 6 dungeons at best to explore, this game felt kind on the short end of the stick of development (not to mention some places were just perched rocks for treasure searching). The adventuring was fun though, as was exploring for treasure. What really compelled it though was the back story of the mysterious disappearance of the Hero of Time that failed to save it when Ganon returned and the once great Hyrule being sunken under the sea...

This story explores that. Taking place after Link's second arrival to the Forsaken Fortress, Ganondorf starts looking for answers of what REALLY happened to the Hero of Time (because taking to account of what happened in Ocarina of Time, he was sealed away when it happened). Over the journey, he questions several people from the Great Deku Tree to Valoo, even so much as to whisk Tetra early from her shelter (with her pirate crew no less) while Link questions the duties of Sages and the transition between sea-like Zora's to the bird-like Rito's.

This story, in a few hour read through, is quick entertaining, as it shows Ganondorf in a rather sympathetic light as the game did too. Of course, he's more of a Anti Hero kind of guy who knows that he and Link have the same enemy, but he won't hesitate reminding others he's the King of Evil and therefore can't be trusted. Also, he makes it quite clear that there's a BIG difference between conquering a country and drowning it to the kingdom come.

All and all, lots of Continuity Nods, studies made on the series history, and even side jokes made to crack a chuckle. The epilogue seems to focus more on a side issue of the Gerudo race being brutally prejudiced before now accepted in the new kingdom with open arms, but it makes sense to the rest of the story, and seems to give this incarnation of Ganondorf a great deal of piece of mind. Highly recommended for a different take on the Wind Waker story that explores many unanswered questions tackled in a intriguing light.


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