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Reviews Comments: God Damn This Game Is Awfull Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World game review by srgeman

This game sucks. I mean, wow does this game suck. The original game was a fun, if plot hole filled adventure where you get to fight half-elf robot suited angels with swords! Awesome! Sadly, this game lacks that awesome factor. It lacks the beloved cast of the original game. It lacks a friggin' over world screen. My God this game is bad.

The original game ended ambiguously, with the two worlds merged into one, by Lloyd and his friends. Given that the game ends with the two worlds having just been merged, one would assume that the sequel would begin would begin Lloyd and company helping to integrate the two worlds. Wrong! Instead we begin several months later, after an event called the Blood Purge, where Lloyd went on a killing spree in the city of Palmacosta, under orders from the Church of Martel. Unfortinetly for the viewer, Lloyd fails to kill the games "male" "protagonist", Emil Castagnier.

If you thought Lloyd was an interesting protagonist with a fun to use combat style, prepare to be dissapointed, because Emil sucks. Oh wow does he suck. The androgynous Emil is one of the whiniest, whimpiest, weakest protagonists ever. Everything out of his mouth is about how he hates Lloyd for killing his family.

1. Lloyd wouldn't do this, he'd either be under mind control, or it was just someone else disguised as him. 2. Lloyd just saved the world kid. Shut the fuck up.

Through a series of stupid plot contrivances, Emil get's roped into going on a stupid journey to save the world that's oddly similar to the quest of the first game. And by oddly, I mean the exact same. He get's appointed the protector of Marta Lualdi, another character I want to bludgeon, who is attempting to awaken Ratatosk, a summon spirit who oddly wasn't mentioned in the last game. They travel with the Centurion Tenebrae, easily my favorite character, who spends his free time reminding Emil just what a loser he is. Emil also awakens a second personality, dubbed Ratatosk mode by his companions, and Wife-Beater Emil by me. Wife-Beater Emil is no better then the other Emil, dubbed Whiny-Bitch by me, due to being a stuck up asshole.

Their are more things I could complain about, such as the combat, graphics, or awful voice acting, but this review has a 400 word limit. Let me just say this. I got this game for free from a friend. I still over paid.


  • superfroggy
  • 1st Aug 11
I'm bored, so, in order:
  1. It's spelled 'awful'.
  2. Sorry about the Blood Purge, but that's generally how plots work — something happens to upset the status quo, and the story follows the ensuing sequence of events until equilibrium is restored.
  3. It's 'unfortunately'.
  4. Oooh, sarcasm quotes! How "witty"!
  5. ...Did you even play the whole game? Emil IS a wimp, and if you prefer more assertive protagonists, that's fine, but a significant part of the plot hinges on Emil growing a pair and becoming independent.
  6. Lloyd DIDN'T do that. It WAS an impostor. The game doesn't bother pretending that this is in-character for him; the whole point was finding out the real story. I'm sorry if you knew this; your wording was ambiguous.
  7. It doesn't matter if he saved the world; that doesn't change the fact that someone looking very much like him just massacred a small city. What would you assume?
  8. 'Oddly similar'? ToS was a deconstruction of The Messiah set against themes of intercultural tension and prejudice. DotNW is a coming-of-age story. They are fundamentally different. Again, did you even play the whole game?
  9. This is a Tales game. It's a given that there will be stupid, clichéd plot contrivances, just as that there'll be new information later on that causes said contrivances to make perfect sense in retrospect. Tenebrae seemingly-randomly appointed Emil as part of a Xanatos Gambit to awaken Ratatosk's consciousness which sleeps inside him. Again, did you even play the whole game?
  10. Actually, I think that Ratatosk *was* mentioned in ToS, although that's really just hearsay on my part.
  11. Ratatosk!Emil is supposed to come off as a psychotic jerkass. He's one of the main villains, after all. It's not my place to judge your personal preferences, but sheesh.
  12. Oh, dear! It seems you've wasted the wordcount bitching about the first 30 minutes of a game's plot, and have no room to tell us about the gameplay itself except that it generally "sucks". My condolences.

Anyways, I'm fairly sure this is just a troll review, but thanks for the laughs in any case.
  • Beyondnor
  • 1st Aug 11
To add to 7., He saved the world only to have things suddenly turn horrible because of the mixed climates, Nice Job Breaking It Hero. Then in response, Lloyd apparently becomes Hitler. Yeah, I'm sure to be grateful now that I need a sweater in the DESERT.
  • GintaxAlvissforever
  • 4th Aug 11
For 11, above Ratatosk is more of a Token Evil Teammate that undergoes a Heel Face Turn as the game goes on.

But yeah, this seems too much like a bad troll review. But I'm laughing my ass off at the bad grammar. XD You can't beat Izaya at trolling when you can't spell.
  • eveil
  • 5th Aug 11
There's a difference between a troll review and a bad review.
  • superfroggy
  • 5th Aug 11
I do think Ratatosk counts as an antagonist — the conflict was mostly 'behind the curtains', so to speak, but from what Iittle I remember, the reason Tenebie allowed Ratatosk to awaken gradually instead of just letting him out right away was because he was hoping that his experiences as a human would give him enough perspective to not go all "RAWR GENOCIDE TIME" when he awakened (my memory is a bit hazy regarding this, so I'm quite likely wrong). Also, he was the one who pwned Aster and started the whole mess with Richter. Referring to him as a "main" villain was a mite extreme, though :P

Also, I thought this was a troll basically because of the disproportionate level of RAEG displayed as well as the fact that they seem to be actively looking for things to bitch about. But then, I'm not exactly a psychologist.
  • Ghilz
  • 5th Aug 11
Oh, so you mean it's awful. By the title, I thought you meant the game was full of awe.
  • superfroggy
  • 6th Aug 11
Well, look at the disc.

( O ) <- (looks kinda like this) Just add two eyes and...


  • RichReeders
  • 6th Aug 11
  • srgeman
  • 27th Nov 11
I don't give a flying fuck monkey how it's spelled. I hate this game. Hate it hate it hate it hate it. My passion for hating it has brought me hear. I love the Tales series, it is my favorite RPG series, so don't accuse me of leaving troll reviews. Finally, I don't need to "look" for things to bitch about. They're their in my face. Having your first task be saying "Thank you". Having your idiot hero whining while wielding a butter knife and dressed in a strapless blue night gown. Having the final fight be against yourself. Having the most interesting plot developments happen off screen. Having the plot of a supposed squeal being hijacked by two all knew, all lame idiots. As for the game play, you miss. All the time. Every attack sails over your enemies head.
  • eveil
  • 27th Nov 11
Ugh, whining fanboys.
  • omegafire17
  • 17th Jan 13
Yup, this is the most blind review I've seen in awhile... and it shows in his reply.
  • omegafire17
  • 2nd Feb 15
Plus, now that I look back upon it, many of his comments are just plain silly to be taken this personally by the OP.

'Hijacked' by two all-new people? Sequels do that sometimes; Tales of Xillia 2 just did recently, and it worked rather well. Fashion sense that we may or may not like, but that the hero didn't choose (literally; it was given to him by Tenebrae, who's old-fashioned), so we all deal with it. Battles in the mind being a bad thing... opinion, but still. Most interesting stuff off-screen; debatable, and opinion of course. And a gameplay visual of attacks not really connecting with the enemy, even though that's happened a lot throughout games, as much as the ones that do actually hit accurately...

Just seems to be overreactions, if he's truthfully not trolling

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