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Reviews Comments: Its Functionable, and perhaps can be Loved as a Trope-Vehice Inheritance Cycle whole series review by TVG

The Inheritance Cycle is not bad, nor is the best thing ever. Its very functional and dare I say it, pragmatic. There is nothing about the actual writing itself that is bad. I'm sorry, but I don't see the Purple Prose, at worst, its Beige Prose, and I think the pacing, characters, etc. are just fine.

Everything about it is just fine, in fact. There is nothing wrong with anything about this story, in of itself. Yes, its all very copied. Ripped right off from other places quite blatantly. But does that make the story itself bad? No, not in this troper's opinion. It makes it a little predictable, sure, but really, as a Fantasy fan, sometimes I enjoy archetype distillation.

This is archetype distillation at its finest, people. By combining Lord of the Rings with Star Wars and giving it functional prose and dialog (I, again, dare say those are things neither of the two aforesaid properties have respectively), this series is a very fine distillation of everything good about Epic Fantasy. It takes what I love about storytelling, and it gives it to me in a few books. I love that.

I already accept the premise, and because I do, I see no reason why to reinvent the wheel when this particular story can give me exactly what I want by being pragmatic and take from things already invented by other authors.

You know what? I really, really love these books, upon further reflection. We need at least one book that perfectly distills these tropes in a way that's accessible. It is like a guide for future writers on what are the best plot, setting, and character ideas being currently used at the moment, so maybe they can take those and twist them somehow. But how can anyone write the perfect Deconstruction without this kind of work to show what precise concepts to look for?

Hell, this book might've been want turned me into a Troper. I saw all of the tropes, and I loved those tropes. I loved how they were played straight because this book uses good tropes in a functional way. And that is why I love these as a vehicle for playing the best tropes straight in High Fantasy, a sort of George Lucas Throwback or Reconstruction if the genre itself were a little older and a little more played with.


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