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Reviews Comments: Fun. Deadliest Warrior whole series review by I Love Dogs

There's a harsh divide between people who love Deadliest Warrior and those who hate it like it killed their puppy. I, admittedly, fall into the former category

What I find odd is that I'm a total history buff, and history buffs make up a decent part of the Hatedom because of the inaccuracies. I set fuck-ups aside and love the Rule Of Cool, and I understand that that makes me a complete idiot.


  • tublecane
  • 2nd Jun 11
I want to like it, but constantly am cut off from enjoyment while watching people laugh, hoot, and holler about heads being split open and guts being spilled. I can't help but remember, occasionally, that those dummies represent real historical human suffering.

Also, there's no reason it needs to be an hour long. I find myself waiting for the last few minutes to watch the simulated fight and leave it at that.
  • LaLiLuLeLo
  • 3rd Jun 11
I don't mind the length because most of the time is dedicated to showing the weapons in action, and I think that's pretty cool. If only they told you ALL the tests they did and how exactly the simulation WORKS, then it would seem a little more scientific. But honestly, looking at some of the battles for Season 3, it looks like they might be moving farther away from science, seeing as how they're putting "famous warriors" (or even just LEADERS of warriors) over actual types of warriors.
  • tublecane
  • 8th Jun 11
"it looks like they might be moving farther away from science, seeing as how they're putting 'famous warriors' (or even just LEADERS of warriors) over actual types of warriors."

Are you sure that when they say "Sun Tzu vs. Alexander the Great," or whatever, they didn't really mean nothing more than Ancient Chinese vs. Ancient Madedonian?

Also, it seems to me they've used pretty dang subjective standards before, for instance including things like Spirit and Heart (or whatever they said). Unless the actual computer programs weren't based on them whatsoever, and saying "pirates are sneaky" or "Spartans are proud" was simply easier for the audience to understand than pounds per square inch, etc.
  • Glixinator
  • 22nd Jul 11
Why do you assume that only a hatedom would complain? Or that the fandom can never complain? I am a fan of the show. I also complain about it. Why? Because cause being a fan is not the same as being a mindless consumer. The show is good, but it could get better. I am willing to fight to help it get better. The show welcomes this sort of input, as it is the core of the community around the show and the reason for the aftermath show. Just because we criticize the show does not preclude it being constructive. It is the search for improvement that seperates the vocal fans from those Just In It For Godzilla like tublecane seems to be. In fact I find that it is the "Godzilla" portion that takes up too much time, especially when it is a squad battle.
  • SalvyMic
  • 4th Aug 11
I've always been a fan of the show, accepting that as a show on Spike directed towards dudes who just want to see some dream matchups played out, there were always going to be errors. With that said, I found myself very sceptical of all the Historical Domain Character matchups they were giving us for Season 3. But once I saw they were using a new system to simulate the fights, using more variables, more statistics, more values, I actually like the show much more now than I did before. They can go beyond just using how many kills each weapon is scoring and factor in exactly how the weapons are being used, in what circumstances and such. It's now a much better way of comparing a pair of commanders to one another (still imperfect though, but that's how it's always going to go and I've learned to accept that). Look, if a show like this had shown up on The Military Channel, it'd be the same thing, except it wouldn't nearly be as fun since it'd likely be taken serious. I'll say it right it now, as far as I'm concerned, this show has already grown it's beard. There's just so much more they can do with the show now. Here's hoping for Season 4 and the appearance of Julius Caesar, Frederick the Great, Gustavus Adolphus, Saladin, Oda Nobunaga, the Duke of Marlborough, Charlemagne, Arp Arslan, Zhuge Liang, the British SAS, Chinese special forces, among many others.
  • Torak
  • 28th Aug 11
I tend to just watch it as a mildly amusing collection of weapon demos - I enjoy it, but there are so many technical inaccuracies that I can't take it even remotely seriously.

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