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Reviews Comments: More ships than the US Navy NCIS whole series review by captainbrass 2

Something about NCIS seems to require the involvement of people's mothers, as I also started watching it because of mine. We both gave it up in the end because the interaction between the characters was just too silly. They would spend half their time squabbling like children, then Gibbs would come in and smack everyone around the head. It required much more than the suspension of disbelief required for nearly all cop series, given that most TV cops behave nothing like most real ones; it was just impossible to believe that any group of adults anywhere would behave like this. NCIS had/has some good plots, but to be honest I think a lot of its appeal lies in the rampant opportunities for shipping it creates. I can't think of another series of which I've ever thought - "Basically, more or less the entire cast is going to be fancied by someone or other. There's someone or some combination of people for practically every age, gender, sexual orientation and probably fetish for all I know." They should cut to the chase and just rename NCIS "Perverse Sexual Lust: The Series."


  • BaleFire
  • 3rd Jun 11
I think you've got things a bit backwards there, at least to my way of thinking. The silliness is the reason why so many enjoy watching it, rather than tuning out. NCIS takes itself less seriously than a lot of the other cop dramas that are out, and personally find it all great fun. To each his own though.

And yeah, not sure the shipping is something you can blame on the show. Beyond Tony and Ziva, I don't think there's that much subtext. That's something you're creating. The characters are just...there.

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