Reviews Comments: Formatting. Or it is formating?

Formatting. Or it is formating?
I'm testing how formating works on reviews.

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All the people's word going 'round in my head like "I WISH I WAS A BABY!" *Guitar riff* sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna do!

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  • Al Bundy pikmin instantly explode, erasing your save file and destroying your house. To unlock them, you much eat 8,999 sandwhiches.
  • Laddies and gentlemen, Mohammed Bello Abubakar, the man with 86 wives and 170 children.
  • Total Drama: Heroes Versus Villains suffered from Seasonal Rot so bad, it makes Action look like something out of the Kobold Necromancer. How can you waste a HVV styled mega-season like that?

El Barto was here!


It's formatting.
comment #7807 Shortcake 28th May 11
This is a comment.
comment #11897 Bedelato 14th Dec 11


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    Kirby's Dream Land 3 

That was a folder.
comment #13001 FinalStarman 28th Feb 12
I love this show.
comment #19475 Lightflame 21st May 13
I guess folders don't work in comments.
comment #19476 BonsaiForest 21st May 13
Your review speaks to me on a personal level. I see a new side to Wiki Sandbox, one I never knew until ooking at it from this perspective.

Thank you pikminfan, you have truly changed my opinion of this work.
comment #19484 MrMallard 22nd May 13
I agree with you so much, Mr Mallard.
comment #19489 Lightflame 22nd May 13
I disagree. I hate Wiki Sandbox. It sucks. It's awful. It's abhorrent. It's appalling. It's atrocious. It's beastly. It's desperate. It's disturbing. It's dreadful. It's dull. It's ghastly. It's gruesome. It's hateful. It's hideous. It's horrendous. It's horrid. It's inconvenient. It's loathsome. It's monstrous. It's obnoxious. It's odious. It's offensive. It's petrifying. It's poor. It's repulsive. It's revolting. It's rotten. It's shocking. It's unfortunate. It's unnerving. It's unpleasant. It's unwelcome. It's vile. But don't hate me for my opinion!
comment #19492 Tuckerscreator 22nd May 13

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