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Reviews Comments: I actually like it The Looney Tunes Show whole series review by wandawonka

Ok, so I've seen a lot of hate for this show. "It's not like the original!" "It sucks so bad!". And this is before the premier. All I can tell you, as my brother says "Nothing beats a classic, so don't compare a reincarnation to a classic"> So stop crying about how it's not the original. If you opened your mind to the fact that this is 2011, and everything ISN'T THE SAME, you'll see that the show is pretty well done.

The jokes are creative to me, and they're laugh out loud funny. I like that Bugs is somehow straight man, but not too straight as to deviate from his character to a distasteful extent. The Merry Melodies have been stepped up to meet this generations tastes, so some of them might be a bit awkward, but they're all Ear Worm 's. They (somehow)are getting even more crap past the radar, and it's fun to hear the jokes you wouldn't normally get.

In the case of the characters, the only real problem is Lola, who's turned Stalker With A Crush. She's no longer curvy, and she doesn't have that mature feel to her anymore. Basically, she's less attractive and Cocoa-Banana's. The art style looks better animated than it does in a still frame, so you'll actually have to watch the show to get the full effect. They outline just about everyone in purple, so there may be a slight purple highlight in the colors. (That's why Bugs seems more purple than grey).

All in all, I give this show a thumbs up, and I hope you actually try to watch it. You can't beat a classic, but this show is pretty great for a new generation.

PS- The theme song's great.....but I love Jazz, so Your Mileage May Vary.


  • Brokenshell44
  • 27th May 11
I have no problem with it not being like the original. I have a problem with it not being good, and the fact that the writers don't seem to care about these characters at all and are just throwing them into roles where they don't fit. Even Lola, who I think is funnier in this show, is just a character they wrote for the show that they just pasted Lola's face onto. But the main problem I have is just the endless amount of talking and jokes that just have no punchline.

And if modernizing music means it all has to be horrible, poorly written rap music with no sense of song structure (I'm A Martian in particular has its lyrics going all over the place) then it doesn't need to be "stepped up to meet this generations tastes". The opening is the only good piece of music in the show, but that's mainly because there's next to no background music, which only makes the bad dialogue even worse.
  • Historian1912
  • 7th Jan 12
I don't know what people are complaining about. I've enjoyed it so far. Every attempt to recreate the original shorts has failed, badly, so the producers tried another route. I actually enjoy the new situations.

Concerning Lola, I am glad she is nothing like she was in Space Jam. I hated her. She wasn't much of a toon and was thrown in there specifically to give Bugs Bunny a love interest. Why? I'll never know. Boring 'perfect' character. Then again, I really didn't like the film, so that may have something to do with my dislike of the original Lola.
  • marcellX
  • 8th Jan 12
Lola was already been established as Bugs romantic interest. Also a lot of them do fit their roles, Sam doesn't act any different than he used to, but now he's just the annoying next door neighbor, his taking advantage of people while being an ungrateful bastards is the same thing he used to do in the old days, Daffy has always been the opportunist who things way too highly of himself and Porky is almost exactly the same. I liked that they returned Bugs to his prior to being just a Mary Stu who would easily outwit everyone and always remain series no matter what happens persona, same with granny.
  • arcanedude34
  • 28th Jan 12
...getting rid of the bunny-boobies is a problem for you? I question how you felt she was mature when she was clearly just pandering to a budding generation of sexually-confused adolescent males, but okay.

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