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Reviews Comments: Why would someone decide to sit through this? Slumdog Millionaire film/book review by thelittleman 66

This is honestly one of the worst movies ever made. It is a sadistic, unlikable, wretched piece of garbage that is impossible to enjoy. The ending of the movie is practically given away in the title, which I will touch upon later. Minus the brief game-show segments, the ENTIRE movie is just bad stuff happening to a guy. It wouldn't be a problem if this was just the backstory to a character in a workable drama, but the problem is that the movie IS the backstory to how this guy won a lot of money. Even when he wins the money, barely anything is fixed or resolved. Its just the same crap-sack world, just with the guy having lots of money now. Now to get back to what I stated earlier, the entire movie is just bad stuff happening to a guy and the people around him. Its just as if the writers thought of everything bad they could do to people and they just threw it in. Is bad stuff senselessly happening to people entertainment? I thought so. Now with barely anything constructive or entertaining to watch in the main plot, and an ending that is useless because you already know exactly what's going to happen, you end up with a pointless movie. It fundamentally fails as a form of entertainment, for it fails not only to entertain you, but it also fails to keep you watching it. You could watch the first 10 minutes and basically see the entire thing. You can flam this all you want, it wont make it a better movie.


  • Scardoll
  • 22nd May 11
"And I hate puppies."

I don't know which definition of the word flam you're using, as there's roughly 600 billion at the moment. Are you using it as the verb "to masturbate"? "To give a standing ovation"? "To dance"? "To say one thing and mean another"?
  • Phrederic
  • 22nd May 11


This movie is supposed to be a modern day fairytale, horrible things happen to Jamal because Indian slums are a terrible place, because Jamal has a good heart and doesn't react to the bad conditions by becoming a thug, you grow to like him, he's a nice guy with a crappy life, you want him to succeed, this is basic storytelling. You're bothered by the senseless horribleness in a characters life? Look at the tropes for Cosmic Plaything and The Chew Toy.

You say you know how the movie will end, yes, yes you will, I don't really see that as a problem, just because you know how a movie will end doesn't mean you can't enjoy the journey.
  • thelittleman66
  • 21st Jun 11
Yes, but what you don't understand is that there is NOTHING encouraging you to keep watching. If you feel like you wasted your money in the first 20 minutes, then the film failed to entertain you, and because film is a form of entertainment, it fails at being a film. You can like the character, but if all the film is is just watching bad stuff happening to this guy, then whats the point?

One could relate my opinion to Stan and Kyle's opinion of The Passion in the South Park episode, "The Passion of the Jew", seeing how they wanted their money back after seeing a movie that was pretty much two hours of bad stuff happening to a guy.

To the first guy: By flam, I mean post an insulting comment lacking proper critique (like Phrederic's comment here, seeing how it is insulting to my intelligence)

To the second guy: yes, you can know the end and still enjoy the journey, like in Romeo and Juliet. But in the case of this awful movie, the "journey" does not directly relate to his current situation and is something only a sadist could enjoy.
  • kenyastarflight
  • 30th Dec 11
While I disagree that this is the WORST movie ever made (Balls of Fury holds that spot, in my opinion), I too found it difficult to sit through. While I appreciate that life is often crap for many people and that India is not a happy place to live in, I think these points could have been expressed in a much better way. I don't need to SEE horrific stuff happening (people being set on fire and burning alive, children being blinded, etc.) to know it's happening.
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 31st Dec 11
So to take the aggressive approach here, you object to being made to watch the suffering of other people in a world where several billion people live in abject poverty and you don't? That's a surprise :D

In all seriousness the biggest survival trait we have is the ability to switch off our empathy and ignore what else happens, I tried to do something that meant finding about the horrible things people have to go through in a pretty well off country and that nearly broke me. Shut it off because then you won't cry to sleep at night and be glad that you aren't God :( (For anyone keeping track, I'm really not as depressive as my world view must seem, all the same it is my world view) EDIT:Just to say, as much as I wish I empathised enough with other people to stop buying books and game and films for myself and dedicate all that to other people, I admit it would be almost impossible to function as a person with the proper level of empathy, but I have massive respect for the people who do manage to break down those barriers, I've seen preachers break down and cry in the middle of them asking for support in their aid projects and that's a pretty amazing thing. Also there are many many wonderful things in this world and wonderful things about people, just bad things too

To avoid ending on such a cheery note, I had the exact same feeling when watching the film as you, why would you want to watch a film whose aim is to be so depressing? But all the same I don't think it's a bad film, I think it's a great one, just not one I'd ever want to watch

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