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Very truthful.
comment #7739 thelittleman66 20th May 11
"She makes the Kardashians look worthy." Can I quote you on that? This review is spot on.
comment #7747 longstreth 22nd May 11
"She makes the Kardashians look worthy."

Wanna know what the difference is between her and them? She's actually done something meaningful with the piles of money that she makes. She advocates rights for homosexuals that should already be given to them as human beings. She gave a portion of the profits from the Monster Ball Tour to starving, homeless Haitians. More recently, she channeled well over a million dollars to the disaster that hit Japan.

Another thing: you say she uses surrealism in her videos and appearance? Well, yeah, but she's far from the first. Pink Floyd. Nine Inch Nails. Elton John. David Bowie. Those musicians have all used a certain amount of surrealism in their performances, music videos and songs, and I don't see you complaining about them.

If you don't like her music, that's fine with me. In fact, I'm fine if you don't. But be aware that she's actually done something constructive with her fame rather than to use it to milk the cash cow. As far as I know, she's only gaining attention by being different from the norm, rather than to be involved in some white-trash scandals or third-rate reality television shows.

Bonus fail points for mentioning some organization that only exists in the minds of the delusional.
comment #7753 KingClark 22nd May 11 (edited by: KingClark)
Agreeing with King Clark. Not enjoying her work is all well and good, because personal taste is exactly that. But I think that far too many people are distracted by her wacky costumes and insane videos, and miss that she DOES have much more going on than that. She's following in the time-honored tradition of Glam Rock and Visual Kei, adding a full-scale performance art to her music.

But she's actually got genuine talent beneath all the crazy. When you peel away the auto-tune and backing tracks, she can sing. She writes her own music, and has written for other artists as well (Telephone was originally for Britney Spears), and is a classically-trained pianist. And watching interviews, she can see that she's actually very intelligent and well-spoken. My brother isn't a fan, but has seen a few interviews that I was watching and that's been his one major observation about her. She's a very intelligent woman, and like many artists that are utterly NUTS as performers, very polite and normal in person. This is the one consistent thing that interviewers have to say about her.

As for her current work, she's stated "Born This Way" is her silk-screen period (ie: Andy Warhol) and I think an artist willing to explore that range of sounds and genres is doing it for more than just the attention and money.

Plus, a final counter to the argument that she's talentless and worthless. Some very significant people in the music industry seem to admire her and give her the time of day — Elton John, Beyonce, BRIAN MAY. If 1/3 of Queen wants to work with you, you're clearly not just a talentless hack.
comment #7803 harostar 27th May 11
I think the problem I have with Lady Gaga is that she came out onto the scene and people immediately started elevating her to a greatness that was undeserved. While she does have talent, she sells herself short through her autotune and music. Her voice is great but a lot of her music definitely isn't.

She's a pop star who focuses more on her image than on her music. When you put it that way, she isn't so unique.
comment #7805 LaCapitana 28th May 11
Autotune? She can actually sing, but she uses the AT to give her songs a kick. Most of it doesn't even sound autotuned.
comment #8143 KingClark 17th Jun 11
I would like to say that 2001 makes a lot of sense. Especially if you read the book.

Otherwise, I completely agree with you. Her music is horribly bland and she relies too much on shock value. If I want to listen to something weird, I'd just listen to Modest Mouse or Kate Bush... who actually have talent.
comment #8160 HandyHandel 18th Jun 11
So far, only Harostar seems to be the only intelligent person commenting here.

If you have a shit load of unambiguously talented people praising you, you know you're doing something right. So stating Lady Gaga is a talentless harlot is only appliable to personal delusions.
comment #10036 Gannetwhale 17th Sep 11

I don't give half a shit about Lady Gaga, but her fanboys really piss me off.

Fanboys in general suck, but since she is the big shit right now, her contribution to the brain-fucking of society is more noticeable than others'.

I think her lyrics are not that great. I haven't heard that many of her songs, though. I think she does exploit her image a lot. Some of her costumes are pretty stupid. She may claim to do it for art or whatever, but a dress made of meat is not artistic, let alone fashionable; it's just retarded.

Lots of shock imagery on her videos, too. It doesn't really bother me, but I can tell what she is going for.

I don't really understand where all that popularity comes from.

Must be because she is nice (or so I heard).

She also plays the rebel a lot. People nowadays seem to be into that. Anytime an artist does or says something outrageous (but also entertaining), the fans laugh and cheer like the retards they are, and the artist's popularity skyrockets. Lady Gaga's whole gig is to shock and surpise, so that must be why she is so popular.
comment #10039 Scarface675 17th Sep 11 (edited by: Scarface675)
So basically reviews and the comments that come along with them in TV Tropes have been reduced to bitch fits about people/works/things/etc. that you don't like. At least horostar and King Clark made an effort into saying something that isn't their almost completely baseless, unexplained, broad opinion. I don't have anything against the people who don't like her (i'm ambiguous about her myself) but. She sucks, she isn't that great, she's horrible, she's stupid...why!? are we suppose to just take your word for it or instinctively have the same preferences, ideas and tastes as you?
comment #10041 marcellX 17th Sep 11 (edited by: marcellX)

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