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Reviews Comments: Not Your Average Robot 'Toon Sym Bionic Titan whole series review by Airzel Gekisho

It's sad to see this show come to its untimely end. It seems as though every time I love a show on Cartoon Network, they cancel it before its run is truly over.

The first time I saw a trailer for the show, I was half-asleep, extremely tired, and under the influence of cold medicine. All I remember was seeing Lance and mistaking him for the opposite gender. I completely forgot about this until the day of the premier when my friend was hyping it up. I decided to give it a try... and I fell in love.

It's not a generic high school comedy 'toon, and it's not your average robot show either. It manages to combine the two and make it work, while keeping the humor and action elements intact. That's what kept me hooked. It was action-y enough to keep my attention, and humorous enough to convince my family and friends to watch it with me.

I'm extremely disappointed that CN didn't make the decision to renew this show for another season. I was overly excited to find out how many of the overarching storylines would end; but the show's life was cut short before my questions were answered. The ending dissatisfied me as well- I expected more of a Downer Ending than what they gave us, but complaining won't change that, I suppose.

Overall, in my opinion, this is a great show with plenty of action, humor and amazing art to boot. Its flaws are few and far between, and most of them can be attributed to its getting Screwed By The Network. So what are you waiting for? Go watch it! Now!


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