As you can probably tell from my other recommendations I'm a sucker for a good Ranma/Ryouga fic and this is a very, very, good Ranma/Ryouga fic. And a very dark one too, made even better by it being crafted to resemble a quintessential WAFFy fic complete with the Happily Ever After and Babies Ever After ending so beloved of shippers, and turns that into the most heart-wrenching Bittersweet Ending you've ever read (with a healthy dose of Now What thrown into the mix). By the author's own admission she(?) set out to do a dark parody of all the "Ranma and Ryouga fall suddenly in love fics" out there and has succeeded in an epic manner. Not just parodying, but deconstructing the sub-genre as a whole. I'm almost tempted to remove my recommendations of previous Ranma/Ryouga fics just based on this story alone, such is the power of the piece.


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