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Reviews Comments: A Link to The Past? A Link to Love! The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past game review by Sizzly Bacon

The Super NES is a system that brought us many great games, and this game is one of them. The third game in the Legend Of Zelda series, this game is a prequel to the two NES titles. The plot is that Link's uncle dies (long story), and leaves him his sword, and Link goes to save Princess Zelda, travel through the Light and Dark worlds, rescue the seven maidens, defeat Aganhim/Ganon, all that good shit.

If you've never played a Zelda game, here's the basic format: it's an overhead adventure game where you defeat enemies with items like a sword, a shield, a boomerang, bow and arrow, and such, and you go through dungeons. Oh, and the plot sometimes advances the gameplay. The control is simple, smooth, and clear; there's no lag, no getting stuck for five minutes behind a rock, nothing, you can just make your way onwards. Whereas the NES Zelda felt rather limited and needed some time to figure things out, this game will let you do practically everything there is to Zelda, and it's nowhere near of a maze as the NES Zelda. The music is also some terrific stuff, from the title screen, to the overworld, to everything in between, thanks to the wonders of Koji Kondo, whose talent in video game music really shows. In fact, going back, I see some music was re-used in Ocarina Of Time.

Perhaps the strangest thing in this game is the "Chris Houlihan Room", a room named for some kid who won a Nintendo Power contest. The room gives you tons of health and rupees.

It's game like these that make me happy. I can just sit down and enjoy it, and since the second I picked it up, it's been embedded into my head as a happy memory. I can't think of one bad thing to say about this game, and that's really something to accomplish. It was later remade to the Game Boy Advance as pretty much the same game, although some things were added, such as voice samples, which [[Your Mileage May Vary may touch some people a little differently than others].

Overall, A Link to the Past is a Zelda game that will thrive for generations to come, and will live on in the hearts of the Zelda fans.



  • BonsaiForest
  • 12th May 11
I wish you would go into detail about why you liked it - gameplay-wise, was it polished, what made it good, etc.
  • SizzlyBacon
  • 13th May 11
My apologies. I was in a rush to write this. I promise, I will make this review more elaborative.

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