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Reviews Comments: hard to define Eden Of The East whole series review by Katana

My main problem with this series is that it really never seems to go anywhere. It has an interesting concept, and characters certainly, and I have no problems with the art or the music. However, the format personally is a little confusing and unnessecary; the movies are dragged out and add little value to the series other than a conclusion and answering some questions.

The concept again is the best part of the series, but it's hard to tell if this show is trying to be seinen or shojo or just slice of life. There's no real main character either, Akira is actually more of the driving force of the plot than a character, not to mention he repeatedly mind wipes himself and is relatively flat. It may be that the series is simply too culturally Japanese which was lost to an extent in translation; much of the plot revolves around NEE Ts, which I can understand conceptually and America certainly has a problem with them, but perhaps not in the same cultural background sense as Japan. Another thing that does bother me a bit is that there are a fair amount of interesting side characters, such as other Seleção and members of Eden of the East, but they don't really end up getting developed very well and are ignored mostly.

At any rate, it's not a bad series, just simply nothing to catch and grab your attention, and it kind of plods along until it's over.


  • gk3389127
  • 21st Dec 15
One thing that the series sort of implied to me, was what the Information Age did to the world, with the recurring themes of technology and connectivity, but yeah, I'm mostly in agreement. It seemed the creators had the skeleton, but only some of the flesh.

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