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Reviews Comments: MANLY!!! Commando film/book review by Real Sindri

In my eyes, Commando is the best example of how a movie without character development, a good plot or even contemporary special effects can still end up as one of the most entertaining movies ever conceived by man! Everything about the movie tells you that both the director and Arnold Schwarzenegger knew what they're doing: A badass action flick. It doesn't bother with philosophical concepts or symbolism, it doesn't comment on contemporary issues, it's simply a 90-minute marathon of Arnold Schwarzenegger shoving around cars, shooting the shit out of entire armies of mooks and doing badass stunts like jumping from airplanes. The movie features exploding building, a fight between Arnold Schwarzenegger and what seems to be a retired porn star and some of the corniest lines ever uttered. Commando is one of the manliest, most badass movies ever created, and watching it alone will raise your testosterone level by almost 94%! Seriously, there need to be more movies like this one. Watch this movie. Watch it. Watch it.


  • shinfernape
  • 8th May 11
Hahahaha! Great review man! It's good to know that a movie that's way more than 20 yrs old can still find such love, even if it is completely over the top.

After reading your review, I'm really itching to rewatch the whole movie.
  • TempestKnight
  • 2nd Sep 15
I concur with this review! More movies like this, Hollywood!
  • Bastard1
  • 2nd Sep 15
Yep, nothing can quite compare with something like this film's disarming earnestness towards being a dumb, brainless piece of action cheese. It's a feel-good film in a different sense that never fails to cheer me up because of how straight-forward and uncomplicated it is.

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