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Reviews Comments: Don't buy this for the singleplayer Homefront game review by They Killed Fritz

I was looking forward to this game quite a lot - the marketing got me hooked and the story seemed interesting, especially since they marketed it in such a way that it seemed like they were focusing on single-player rather than multiplayer, which too few shooters do these days. Upon renting the game, I was almost immediately disappointed. The story is almost shockingly over-the-top and cliched, veering into unintentional self-parody at times. The Koreans are so unrealistically, cartoonishly, and above all pointlessly evil it's almost comedic. The characters are bland, unlikable, and incredibly dumb. The dialogue is hackneyed and annoying. But that's just the story, I haven't started on the actual 'game' part of the game yet, and sadly things are no better there either. The singleplayer campaign is not a game so much as it is a slightly-interactive movie. Everything is scripted, and literally every single mission plays out exactly the same way every time, giving it a replay value of effectively zero. Invisible walls are absolutely everywhere, herding the player down a narrow, linear path from scripted event to scripted event, ensuring that the players only do exactly what the devs want them to be doing at that particular moment in the game and see exactly what the devs want them to see. You aren't even permitted to sprint unless you're in certain areas; the button will simply stop working until you get into these invisible 'sprint zones'. The guns feel and sound cheap and fake-y, with muted sounds and almost no recoil to speak of. Your NPC allies are incompetent, which ends up not really mattering because the enemy AI is absolutely horrible, and because your character regenerates health so quickly that there's really little point in taking cover or trying to avoid enemy fire. Fortunately, you won't have to deal with all of this crap for long, because the singleplayer campaign is amazingly short, four hours at absolute most.

In summary, don't believe the marketing. This game's singleplayer campaign was quite obviously tacked on as an afterthought, and the lack of any real effort in its development is almost tangible. If you're considering purchasing this game for the singleplayer experience, heed my advice - DON'T.


  • Gortos
  • 28th Jun 11
This review summarises it. I've played this game on a friend's computer and, unwilling to believe a game I had wanted to be good so much, also on another friend's X Box 360 - the result was the same: Disappointment. The game promised to convey a feeling of being a resistance fighter by making you feel kind of helpless, but you shoot as many "helpless" mooks as in every other games.
  • Historian1912
  • 27th Jan 12
It might just be me, but I certainly felt more helpless than I normally do playing FP Ss. If you really want to feel helpless, just turn up the difficulty. The highest difficulty is not just a nightmare, those with poor reflexes will never finish the game. Anyway, I didn't pay much attention to the marketing concerning playing the game. I just wanted the storyline. Maybe I'm just weird, but I liked the campaign.

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