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It's not like the cast of NGE weren't screwed up already, but... the author has stated it was his purpose to wring as much angst from this concept as possible. Personally, much like Grave of the Fireflies I found myself unable to make myself care at a certain point for fear of disrupting my work. I thought Asuka's actions in the later chapters at odds with both protocol and what I understand of her personality, and Mana's inclusion felt a little tacked on, not really adding anything worthwhile to the story. The unambiguous portrayal of Gendo as an utter bastard is well done, but it is at odds with the more ambiguous (almost woob-ific) portrayal I have come to love in the anime and particularly the rebuild continuity.

But don't let my extensive personal gripes dissuade you; this is good stuff, and if you have the time you should at least consider reading it. With tissues handy. And perhaps something or someone to cuddle extensively afterwards. No, really.


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