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Reviews Comments: Breaking the mirror of hatred, Kamen Rider Ryuki! Fight, or you will not survive!!! Kamen Rider Ryuki whole series review by Supnitle

I went into Kamen Rider Ryuki more than a little suspiscious. I had heard nothing but good things, but I thought the designs were funny and people showering Ryuki with praise while badmouthing Dragon Knight left me somewhat annoyed at the fanboyism of all the japanophiles and, indirectly, at Ryuki itself.

Then I watched Ryuki. And goddamn, it was crazy.

Kamen Rider Ryuki has one hell of a premise: The Kamen Riders are ordinary people who form contracts with Mirror Monsters, creatures who hide inside all reflective surfaces and eat people. Freaking creepy.) to gain fantastical powers, and have the ability to head into the Mirror World and fight other Mirror Monsters, who attack people. The only catch? The riders are all destined to kill each other. Screw Decade, this is the REAL rider war! The plot of Ryuki has constant twists and turns, and the character driven nature makes it really enjoyable to watch, especially with all the characters as interesting as they are. I wish more had been explained in the series itself, but it was still insanely interesting. (And DARK. Seriously, I've seen it spark moral debates.)

The characters were all... interesting, at the least. Were they all likable? No, but they were all interesting. And some weren't mean to be likable. Shinji, Kamen Rider Ryuki, is an everyman forced into the role of a Kamen Rider, and his heroic nature shows through the end, no matter how many crazies make him question his resolve. Ren, Kamen Rider Knight, is "dark and mysterious," but we soon learn why, and he only develops from there.

Those are the two main riders and yes, there are 13 riders, and they are all interesting. I do think that some of their deaths were kinda abrupt, but it showed the bleak nature of the show's plot. They were all interesting for the most part, and I remember all of them. (But that might just be because I'm a giant nerd!)

The designs is where Ryuki can falter for some. I got used to the designs, and thought the Survive mode upgrades looked pretty awesome, but they won't work for everyone. I will concede that there are better designs out there. Music's awesome, though.

Overall, Ryuki was completely dark as hell and if you're up for some mindfuck, give it a watch.

Hang on, what's that thing in my monitor - OH GOD N


  • CountSpatula
  • 23rd Apr 11
I agree with this on nearly all points except one.

The Ryuki suit designs are absolutely gorgeous.

This is the series where I felt the costume designs began to really evolve and develop in quality, and where each season began to get its own unique visual style and move away from the sort of sameness that a lot of past toku series had with their costumes. And frankly, several of the Ryuki suites (Incisor, Zolda, Tiger, Odin) remain personal favorites, even in the light of more recent series.
  • Supnitle
  • 23rd Apr 11
Personally, I liked the designs, but I've heard a whole lot of flak for them so I guess they don't really work for everyone.

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