Reviews Comments: "Just say no" all over again.

"Just say no" all over again.
Do you remember that "your brain on drugs" PSA where a girl smashes an egg with a skillet, and then proceeds to destroy the whole kitchen while shouting "This is what heroin does to your family! This is what it does to your career!". No explaining how exactly heroin works and why exactly it is dangerous. Just scaring us, that's all.

Now imagine this commercial, only an hour and a half long, and you'll have an idea of what "Requiem for a dream" is. It's bad, it's boring, it's needlessly graphic and has the subtlety of a sledgehammer. It has four characters, and we cannot actually identify with any of them. Sure, Jared Leto is pretty, I get that, but seriously, that's the only reason? And that's not the only problem with this movie. Darren Aronofsky often tells us his movies are realistic and tell us about real life. Bullshit. "Requiem..." has absolutely nothing to do with real life. First of all, heroin does not dilate pupils, but that's a minor offense, really. The scene of forced feeding is hilarious. What, the hospitals don't have IV glucose anymore? ECT without anesthesia? Bullshit! And when Leto's character continues to inject heroin in the very same spot? Look, junkies are probably not the brightest people on earth, but they are NOT THAT STUPID. And the doctor that refuses to treat him? Bullshit as well. So if yiu want a movie about drugs, "Requiem" is probably the worst choice you can make. It's preachy and pretentious without any real depth, it tries to impress you with stylish shots and unnecessary gore and music, but has no substance. 90 minutes and millions of dollars wasted to make a "Just say no" commercial.


This review is every kind of awesome.
comment #7349 longstreth 21st Apr 11
I know! First time I've ever see anyone come close to agreeing with me about this movie.
comment #7389 maninahat 23rd Apr 11
Thanx, it's good to know that not everyone falls for the hype that surrounds this movie. How did it even get so popular? It tanked in the box office, didn't it?
comment #7566 UseYourDelusion 6th May 11
You're forgetting that this adaption of the book Requiem For a Dream, which was written in the Seventies, is set in it.
comment #13451 joejoe 25th Mar 12
This review is very stupid. The movie is not all it's hyped up to be but your review is still stupid.
comment #15621 bobsyouruncle 1st Aug 12
Thanks for the insight, bob.
comment #15623 maninahat 1st Aug 12
You're being too fucking nice to this abhorrent piece of shit.
comment #19690 KingMarionette 5th Jun 13
"Look, junkies are probably not the brightest people on earth, but they are NOT THAT STUPID."

They're doing heroin. Anyone who starts doing that drug automatically fails.
comment #26692 TT454 21st Oct 14

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