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Reviews Comments: stream-of-conciousness reactions Game Of Thrones episode/issue review by nameheregrrer

The prologue was shot like a horror film, which ticked me off because all the fans of the book know exactly what's going on and want to see the character designs on the Others already, while I imagine the new people are just plain confused.

It seems like a number of characters are bigger jerks than in the books, most notably Ned and Robert. Whoever they cast as Jaime was great for the role, he was the doucheist looking man I've ever seen. However, his hair was a different shade from Cersei's, which is an issue because their hair color is a plot point.

The direwolves have an unfortunate shortage of screentime, sadly skipping Ghost's staredown over chicken and his first encounter with Tyrion. Maybe their appearances will pick up over time, but I worry that they'll never quite reach the point of being pretty much constantly around whenever their Stark is on screen.

Credit sequence was cool.

Minor but hilarious issue: Right at the start, the background had buildings with walkways that appeared to have glass walls.


  • MarthWMaster
  • 20th Apr 11
I'm surprised you didn't mention the lack of audible conversation between Cersei and Jaime in the last scene. That seemed like an important omission to me.
  • nameheregrrer
  • 21st Apr 11
The ending conversation in the books was pretty vague and the important bits apparently got shifted to an added scene in King's Landing.
  • ccoa
  • 24th Apr 11
What's hilarious about the glass, exactly? It was established in the books that Winterfell had glassed greenhouse-like gardens, so glass exists in Westeros, although it's probably only for the wealthy.
  • Philbert
  • 27th Apr 11
Actually, rereading that last scene, I think I can guess as to why they cut all the conversation before the final, well you know. It's a rather clumsy reveal of what the Lannisters are really up to...laid out directly for the readers to see. No tv show wants to give out that much of the season plot in one sitting. They will most likely take the converstation and break it up the course of several early episodes.

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