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Majora's Mask is one of the most unusual and unique games I've played - it's Zelda, obviously, but with enough change in gameplay and focus that it doesn't feel like a rehash the way, say, Twilight Princess did. As a sidequest hog, having less dungeons but more freedom to explore (and repeat certain quests) was actually a bonus. hat's interesting with Majora's Mask for me is how it's such a contradiction of itself - the scenery is mostly bright and colorful with the added childlike touch here and there that makes it seem dreamlike (nightmares or good dreams being entirely dependent on which area you're actually in) and yet, well, you're in a place that's essentially facing Armageddon. The people are quirky and have plenty of personality, but most of them are really facing some kind of serious crisis, if not dealing with the death (or potential death) of someone close to them. The game doesn't shy away from darkness, especially the psychological side (pick a scene. think about it for a day. FREAK OUT) but it's never to a point of straight-up desperation. Unless you let the three days run out...

Of all the Zelda games, I'd say Majora's Mask has the strongest story, and perhaps the most to offer on replays. Ironically I was MORE impressed - and terrified, and moved - playing it ten years later. Just keep the lights on.


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