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Reviews Comments: Doom 3 is one of the best and scariest Sci-Fi Shooters of all time. Doom game review by gameragodzilla

Doom 3 is not the original Doom. That fact is probably what made purists angry. However, for any horror fan, Doom 3 is a godsend. The game's story is pretty much the same as the original Doom, but thanks to the help of a professional writer, the guys at id managed to flesh out the story and answered some of the questions that lingered. For instance, how did the UAC get the teleporter technology? They reverse engineered Martian technology that breached Hell. How did the demons invade? A Mad Scientist strikes a Deal With The Devil and deliberately destabilizes the teleporters. Why are there chainsaws on Mars? Shipping mistake. The game's storyline is revealed mainly through PDA's (like Bio Shock, although Doom 3 came earlier), detailing everything that has happened or is happening (The unfortunate thing is that a lot players don't seem to care about the recordings except for locker combinations). The graphics and sound are very good. In fact, they were revolutionary for the time. Unfortunately, they're not so impressive nowadays (Doom 3 was released in 2004) The graphics and sound are still sufficient, even today, to help sell the game's main selling point: atmosphere. It's is very creepy. The PDA logs are creepy, the the flickering lights are creepy, the monsters are scary, etc. It gives a sense of dread and makes the player watch his/her every step and is constantly looking behind his/her back. Monsters can always attack the player at any time. It can get annoying for some people, but this troper thought it was awesome. It keeps the player on edge, and can make him/her hesitate picking up an item. Gameplay wise, it's very similar to the original Doom. However, it's much slower paced, which angers any Doom purists. It's still the same run and gun gameplay that involves the player picking up items and blowing up demons with an huge loadout of weapons (all the originals are back and new ones are thrown in). But, even with the similarities, it's not meant to be "Doom with better graphics". It's a new game with a new direction, and the gameplay fits very nicely with the atmosphere.

In short, Doom 3 ISN'T the original Doom. However, it's one of the greatest Sci-Fi shooters of all time, and certainly one of the scariest.


  • maninahat
  • 17th Apr 11
Peh, it starts out scary up until you realise the enemy always attack in one of two ways: they come out of one of the infinite number of walk-in storage closets, or they loudly teleport in, clearly telegraphing their arrival. From that point on, the game just becomes a glorified version of wack-a-mole, where you stand over enemy spawn points/storage spaces with a chainsaw waiting for their inevitable appearance. When the game occasionally goes to the trouble of finding new ways to bring in enemies (those damn spiders!) then the game can be creepy.

I'm glad someone else actually liked the PDA logs though. I thought they created a lot of atmosphere, and I was genuinely curious to hear their content (even if they did stop the game dead everytime I'd pick one up).
  • gameragodzilla
  • 17th Apr 11
They still jump out at you, and enemies usually don't spawn by themselves, so even if you get one, there are others. It does get less scary the second time you play, because you memorized most of the spawning places. However, that makes the places you don't remember even scarier, because while in the first playthrough, you expect the unexpected, the second time, you really aren't prepared of you forgot it.

Yeah, I actually thought the PDA's were great, and creepy.
  • Ninjat126
  • 27th May 11
I liked the PD As except for the massive breaks in flow.

Also, what D3 needed was a better enemy spawn method. Monster closets and teleportation were too flashy for an action-horror game like D3, even though they were fine for action-FPS games like Doom I and Doom II.

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